Seminars 2020 - Outline Agenda

Seminars 2020

Our new conference format and content were developed following extensive industry consultation.  Multimodal spoke to a cross section of our cargo owner and 3PL delegates to understand what they’d like to learn and achieve at the conference. The result is a carefully streamed event designed to make the content you need easy to find and specific enough to help you create your forward strategy.

The plenary session covers the three most important themes to emerge during research, the plan following Brexit, decarbonisation strategy, and the direction of the logistics industry.  The streams follow and are open to all delegates whilst being geared towards specific industry sectors.  Please be sure to check all streams on the agenda for the opportunity to learn from other sectors who might have a fresh approach to a problem you’re working on.

If you are a cargo owner and would like to deliver a case study or topic to your peers we have 2 speaking slots available. Please get in touch with an outline of what you’d like to cover.  

With thanks to our Steering Committee :
Derek Pouncey, Arcadia Michael Lunt, Adidas Ian Nichol, Career Ready
Carl Hobbis, BIFA Carley Johnson, Barfoots Farm Beth O’Neil, DHL
Paul Griffiths, Jaguar Landrover Peter Ward, UKWA Colin Smith, Metro Shipping
The Freight Transport Association Simon Heaney, Drewry

Day One Plenary

The morning plenary session is relevant to all and will focus on our action plan as an industry, for the year ahead
The Headlines: News, and opportunities for the coming year
The decarbonisation of the logistics industry: Progress report and actions 
The sustainable technology and equipment that will change your business 
The outcomes of Brexit: Mistakes, learning and change

Day one Afternoon Session

Focus on Retail and eCommerce

Content will focus on solutions to the challenges facing cargo owners and 3PLs within retail. Delegates from all verticals, modes and sectors are welcome.
  • John Lewis Partnership's transition to a zero carbon fleet: The lessons, the business case and the opportunities
  • Improving business productivity through technology
  • Reducing carbon emissions through supply chain efficiencies: Taking a close look at what works
  • Innovations in warehousing planning and systems

Focus Auto and Manufacturing

Content will cover the specific concerns of 3PLs and automotive companies but delegates from all verticals, modes and sectors are welcome
  • Meeting the challenges of creating supply chains for electric vehicles
  • In Detail: The Sulphur Tarif and its broader implications 
  • Finding a solution to a common problem: Port of Tyne innovation hub

Day Two

Pharmaceuticals and Perishables

This stream focuses on the temperature controlled supply chain and topics specific to food and perishables. But delegates from all verticals, modes and sectors are welcome
  • The future of cold chain and the opportunities presented
  • Using the Netherlands as a European gateway post Brexit - A How To Guide for temperature controlled and perishable goods
  • Develop a true understanding of the current and future role of Artificial Intelligence in logistics
  • Reducing time to market for food and perishables while delivering on carbon obligations

Construction and Chemicals

We focus here on the movement of bulk goods but delegates from all verticals, modes and sectors are welcome
  • Transporting dangerous goods: A refresher seminar
  • Case Study: Using inland waterways to improve sustainability and reliability 
  • Using the Netherlands as a European gateway post Brexit - A How To Guide 

Modal Bulletin: The news from roads, sea and air

Delegates from all verticals, modes and sectors are welcome
  • UK Warehousing Association Breakfast Briefing. All welcome
  • Accelerating efficiency improvements and de-carbonisation by growing the market for rail freight 
  • The next 10 years of air transport: Change and  investment


3PL Briefing

Here we will focus on the objectives of 3PL and Freight Forwarding companies but all are welcome to attend
  • How to build a recruitment programme that fits your business’s USPs and budget
  • Using tracking and telematics to increase efficiency: Incentivisation, common challenges, and new technology  
  • Client collaboration to spread cost, risk and benefit

FMCG and Consumer Goods

In this stream we look at issues concerning companies dealing with finished goods for the consumer market but delegates from all verticals, modes and sectors are welcome
  • Incentivising 3PLs: How to align performance with requirements
  • Warehousing strategy for Ecommerce heavy businesses

Day Three

Morning briefing for logistics professionals in hiring roles

Drop-in case study session for company professionals looking to improve their pipeline of talent
3 practical steps to create a talent pipeline

Careers taster day:

The opportunities waiting for you in the logistics sector
Student Content: These sessions are for young people considering a career in logistics
  • What does the logistics industry do? 
  • ​Where is the logistics industry now and what changes will you be part of? Focus on AI and other fast moving technology
  • A day in the life of a…Learn what the job really entails from young people at the early stage of their logistics careers
  • 5 routes to your ideal career: Industry insiders share their best routes to the most desirable jobs

Tour and stand visits
Networking Lunch – visit stands and chat with recruiters


Due to circumstances beyond the control of the organisers, timings, speakers and locations may change. 
The organisers regret any inconvenience this may cause.