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Robert.Jervis_43227 Jun 29

Kellogg's trusts Transfesa Logistics for international food traffic

Kellogg's trusts Transfesa Logistics for international food traffic image
Transfesa Logistics has started a new multimodal food service for the Kellogg’s company
National and international rail service has incorporated four direct routes between Spain-Portugal and Spain-Great Britain. They are joined by an additional route for goods’ transport by road. Both means of transportation in combination guarantee a complete door-to-door logistics operation with the highest degree of efficiency.

The initial collaboration between the two companies is set for the next 12 months, although the objective is to increase cargo volumes at a later stage.

In this first year, shipments will be of convenience products such as cereal and Pringles chips. On the one hand, four of these connexions will be from Great Britain to Spain and on the other, six from Spain to Great Britain. There will also be transport from Spain to Portugal.

CEO of Transfesa Logistics, Bernd Hullerum, has expressed his satisfaction with this new collaboration:

“We appreciate the trust placed by Kellogg’s in our operations and team. For us, this is one more step that strengthens the relationship with one of the most representative and important companies in this sector and we hope that it will continue to be very fruitful in the coming years”.

Hullerum has also highlighted that the incorporation of these connections:

“The service helps to reinforce the development of international corridors to countries such as Great Britain and Germany, in addition to promoting one of the most sustainable means, the railway, which helps reduce emissions since it emits nine times less CO2 than its equivalent in trucks”.

This new traffic highlights the importance that the company attaches to combined services, with train and truck routes, to guarantee the best logistics alternative, according to the needs of each supply. They are also another example of the company’s magnitude in international multimodal railway lines, since it has the largest network in Europe, thanks to its strong alliance with DB Cargo. An average of 392 waggons pass through them each day of the year, serving a wide variety of customers and sectors.

Separately, Transfesa Logistics has renewed its container fleet.

The 122 containers will be in full circulation at the end of June for the international traffic of Ford’s production components to the United Kingdom and Germany.

The new containers will be in full circulation at the end of June in two corridors. The first of them is the one that leaves from Ford Valencia to Ford’s automotive factory located in Dagenham, London. The second route in which they will be used is the route to the Ford plants in Saarlouis and Cologne, in Germany.

The design, which has been worked on for two years, introduces numerous advantages. The high cube containers are 45’ feet and their tare weight is light, which makes it possible to increase the current transport capacity. As this volume increases, energy costs will also decrease and the environmental impact will be reduced.

Another of its main characteristics is that they have an open-top or sliding and lifting ceiling. With this option, the top and side loading and unloading of certain products are facilitated, adjusting to the specific needs of each client, in this case, Ford.

With this investment, Transfesa Logistics has wanted to provide added value to its entire logistics chain by introducing the most innovative elements on the market