Reactec will exhibit at the Multimodal conference for the first time this summer and showcase a new generation of workplace wearable to alert workers to hazards and monitor their exposure to health risks in the workplace.

Reactec are dedicated towards advancing connected wearable technology. With real-time data reporting from the field, managers are connected to their at-risk teams, and are able to make better decisions. Being able to overlay multiple risk types also provides richer insight into what individual workers are being exposed to on the job.

Armed with this actionable insight across a range of health risks, you'll be able to proactively engineer risk out of the workplace.

In July 2022, Reactec launched R-Link®, a third-generation wearable device which provides a data driven insight into a range of workplace health and safety risks on an unprecedented scale.

Reactec has over 20 years of experience helping employers prevent hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) utilising an eco-system of wearables and cloud-based analytical software. The R-Link smart watch was designed to build upon Reactec’s trusted HAV monitoring capability and offer expanded functionality.

Developed with the latest ultrawide band (UWB) technology, R-Link alerts a worker when they are too close to moving vehicles, heavy equipment, or restricted areas in real-time. R-Link Beacons are flexibly mounted onto vehicles, or restricted areas, to establish an exclusion zone which alerts R-Link wearers when they breach the exclusion zone.

While other proximity warning systems detect objects within a range, R-Link offers much more by being highly configurable to real world dynamic work environments. For example, R-Link allow drivers of moving vehicles to be alerted, or not, to pedestrians breaching their vehicles exclusion areas, and allow drivers or banksmen to give permitted access to authorised workers.  The technology also allows authorised workers to adjust exclusion zone areas in the field as workplace dynamics change, and set safe zones where workers maybe within the exclusion area of vehicles, but are safe because of other controls.

R-Link is specifically designed for industries where people plant activities are intrinsically linked.

The highly sophisticated technology can even recognise when a driver leaves their vehicle and provides them with proximity protection as a pedestrian. 

Reactec’s cloud-based analytical software enables employers to filter out permitted proximity data to identify near-miss occurrences or potential site hotspots using interactive heatmaps. This invaluable data insight empowers employers to make evidence-based decisions to refine controls.

For more information about how R-Link can protect your workforce from proximity hazards, visit the Reactec stand (no.7000) during Multimodal 2023

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