2019 Day 2

Day 2 - Wednesday 19 June 2019

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Awdry Room - 10.30 – 11.30

Blockchain in the supply chain - disruptor or the new norm? 

The distributed ledger technology is here to stay, but what does that mean for an industry which often still relies on inefficient systems from faxes to spreadsheets and EDI?

Cost savings, workflow efficiencies and supply chain and food safety verification are just some of the promised benefits, but this new technology is not without its challenges.

And with so few off the shelf systems available to small and mid-sized companies, how do we leverage the power of the blockchain?

Chair: Daniel MacGregor, Co-Founder, Nexiot AG

Speakers: Alexander Varvarenko, Chief Executive Officer, Varamar Group

René Bruijne, General Manager, TransFollow 

Lars Kastrup, Global Head of Tradelens

Mike Holdsworth, Sector Development Director - Transportation, Inmarsat

Dunlop Room - 10.30 – 11.30

Changing the transport landscape

Tees Valley Combined Authority is an example of successful devolution in the UK.  But what does devolution really mean, what opportunities are available, and can it make a difference to our transport landscape?

The Tees Valley Combined Authority is one of seven mayoral Combined Authorities in England.  It is charged with making local decisions to support the growth of the region’s economy.

The first elected Mayor of the Tees Valley, Ben Houchen, will share his experiences from his first two years in office on why he believes devolution works, buying a regional airport and how Free Ports could help Tees Valley take off.

Chair: Ben Houchen, Mayor, Tees Valley Combined Authority

Geoff Lippitt, Group Business Development Director, PD Ports

Phil Forster, Head of Airport Development, Tees Valley Combined Authority 


Boulton Room - Business on the Move Workshop - 10.30-11.30 

Business on the Move is an educational board game designed to excite and inspire players of all ages about business and global supply chains.

More than fifty learning activities offer young people of all ages from nine years upwards an opportunity to gain a real insight into the exciting world of logistics and supply chains and enhance their key skills at the same time.

Hosted by: Andy Page, Director, Business on the Move


Awdry Room - 12.00 – 13.00

Here to Help - Collaboration, innovation, market awareness

Businesses capable of adapting to the current and future needs of the modern enviroment will benefit from a wealth of opportunities, but the current and future logistics landscape is one that will be negotiated successfully only by companies which are able to collaborate, recognise opportunities, embrace innovation, and adapt to operate in an unpredictable world.  Major collectives from across the supply chain will share a platform to discuss challenges and opportunities on how we can work better together.

Chair: Sue Terpilowski, Managing Director, Image Line Communications; President of WISTA UK & Chair Maritime UK - Women in Maritime Taskforce 

Speakers: Shane Brennan, Chief Executive, Food and Storage Distribution Federation

Ariaen Zimmerman, Executive Director, Cargo iQ

Peter Livey, Managing Director (GB), Hyundai Merchant Marine (Europe) Ltd


Awdry Room - 14.00 – 15.00

Brexit - the shape of things to come

A UK leadership contest, a looming general election/ second referendum, an undefined BREXIT. How is the transport and logistics industry facing up and preparing for an unclear legislative and regulatory future?

Chair: Peter Ward, Chief Executive Officer, United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA)

Speakers: Pauline Bastidon, Head of Global & European Policy, Freight Transport Association (FTA)

Peter MacSwiney, Chairman, ASM (UK) Ltd

Shahar Ayash, Managing Director UK & Europe, Tigers

Tim Reardon, Head of EU Exit, The Port of Dover

John Keefe, Public Affairs Director, Eurotunnel

Luis Gabiola, Director Commercial, Operations and Logistics, Port of Bilbao Authority

Awdry Room - 15.30 – 16.30

Harnessing disruptive power – embracing innovation to meet the evolving needs of the customer

The disruptors are forcing change in a logistics industry under pressure to deliver a better service at a lower cost. New technology and new, more collaborative business models, are evolving to meet new customer expectations and new entrants are exploiting digital technology to add value to the supply chain. This seismic change brings risk and opportunity – the race is on to reshape the logistics industry.

Chair: Keith Plummer, Business Development Executive, WiseTech Global

Speakers: Samuel McGuirk, UK Head of Operations, Ontruck

Pierre Liguori, Managing Partner, Tokema Consulting

Lee Stacey, Product Evangelist, Thingstream AG

Captain Paul O'Regan, Harbours Master & Chief Operating Officer, Port of Cork

Svilen Rangelov, Co-Founder & CEO, Dronamics


Dunlop Room - 15.30 – 16.30

Roadmap to a world without food loss – how can cool chain partners collaborate to curb the waste?

Approximately one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year, 1.3 billion tonnes, gets lost or wasted, that’s roughly USD 680 billion in industrialized countries and USD 310 billion in developing countries. It’s time for transparency and data sharing in the cool chain as well as training for perishables growers and better facilities.

Chair:  Alex von Stempel, Managing Director, Cool Logistics Resources Ltd

Speaker: Jo Dyson, Head of Food, Fareshare

Shane Brennan, Chief Executive, Food Storage and Distribution Federation

David Woodall, Head of Airfreight Sales, Kerry Logistics (UK) 


Boulton Room - 15.30 - 16.30

The Asian Century - looking beyond Brexit to exciting opportunities in the Far East

Interactive Forum, hosted by: Mark Millar, Managing Partner, M Power Associates Limited, Hong Kong

Welcome to The Asian Century.  Full of promise - abundant with opportunities, but also fraught with challenges.  Asia is highly diverse and formidably complex. 

Join award-winning industry veteran Mark Millar for this interactive forum which will leverage his 25 years’ experience in Asia to explore and explain key trends and developments of interest for supply chain and logistics practitioners.  

Tap into Mark’s first-hand expertise - and learn more about some major Asia initiatives that will massively impact trade and freight flows, including BRI, ASEAN, CPTPP, RCEP, GBA and more...


Whilst the organisers do everything to maintain the content and timing of the programme, it may be subject to change without notice.