Justin Laney

Partner and General Manager of Central Transport, John Lewis Partnership


Justin Laney manages the John Lewis Partnership fleet of 3500 commercial vehicles and 1300 cars. The fleet is recognised for leading in innovation, and the priorities remain to reduce all emissions (including those affecting air quality and noise) through efficiency and displacing all diesel with low carbon alternatives. Areas of focus are using bio-methane in heavy trucks, electrification of home delivery operations, high capacity vehicles, aerodynamics, and other methods based on good science and rigorous testing. Headline commitments include running all heavy duty trucks on biomethane by 2028, and achieving a zero carbon fleet by 2045.

Justin’s career started with London Transport (Buses), having obtained a BEng at Liverpool University. He also worked at UPS for 20 years, managing fleets in EMEA as well as the UK.

Justin is a Chartered Engineer, Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, a Director of the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership, and Chair of SRF’s Steering Committee.
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