Alasdair Garbett

UK Customs & Excise Manager


I spent the early part of my career in High Street Retail, working my way from the shop floor through management training programmes to become a senior manager with a large retailer, when a new opportunity presented itself I moved into Travel Retail to work for one of the biggest Travel Retailers in the World.
Joining as an Internal Auditor I then progressed with qualification to become the Audit Manager, and through the following 20 years added on Master Data and HMRC responsibilities finally ending as the Customs & Excise Manager.
For both personal and career reasons an opportunity came up with Bacardi as UK Customs & Excise Manager 3 years ago, this has given me a great opportunity to add the production side to my already lengthy Retail experience (both High Street and Travel Retail), being responsible for all HMRC interests with our Bacardi Companies and its partners has its own unique challenges but this also allowed me to successfully get the production company through AEO Safety & Security and share those standards with other Bacardi Companies and partners throughout the UK.
The last couple of years though has also seen an intense period of ensuring all our interests are protected in the UK for Brexit and being part of the Global working group for Bacardi I think we are in a good place long term.
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