Multimodal 2019

Multimodal 2018 has teamed up with the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), the United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA) and the Freight Transport Association (FTA) to put together a programme of workshops, masterclasses, and panel discussions tackling the issues and trends which affect supply chain decision makers.

Seminar sessions are free to attend, with seats on a first come basis on the day.   Please indicate the seminars of interest when you complete your registration to attend.

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Logistics as a differentiator in a changing and fragile world.

Exploring the geo-political and economic climate and global demographic trends, against a background of increasing and insatiable consumer demand in the digital world, setting the scene for some discussion on how the logistics industry is evolving at an unprecedented pace to compete.


  • CHAIR: Peter Ward, CEO, UKWA 
  • Oliver Kolodseike, ​Senior Economist, Colliers International
  • Pierre Liguori, Managing Director, Tokema International



The increasing role of logistics in meeting the needs of consumers.

Amazon and Alibaba – are they retailers, technology companies or logistics providers?  Looking at the increasingly blurred lines and the opportunities for third party logistics providers who are the enablers of agility and flexibility in the quest for closer proximity to the consumer.


  • CHAIR:  Peter Ward, CEO, UKWA
  • John Munnelly, Head of Operations, John Lewis 
  • Lynn Parnell, Independent Logistics Consultant, Logistics Partners
  • Andrew Starkey, Owner and Managing Director, Spiral4


In the new digital era, how is the logistics industry making best use of technology? A number of new entrants into the sector has the potential to disrupt the conventional market of logistics, enabled by the application of digital technology - how will our traditional industry respond to this new approach, to minimise the risk of disruption and capture the opportunities of innovation?


  • CHAIR: Peter Ward, CEO, UKWA 
  • Mark Thornton, Chief Operating Officer, Maginus
  • ​Jon Nicholas, Professional Services Director, Europe, Llamasoft Inc.
  • Martin Galloway, Head of Global Operations, Gist


What will drive the location and design of warehouses going forward.

The changing face of the logistics industry has to be supported by infrastructure that in many areas is already stressed, and subject to environmental and traffic regulation plans. What measures can be taken to ensure a balanced approach that delivers more distribution space with minimal planning constraints and without arduous conditions being placed on operators.

Speakers: ​

  • CHAIR: Peter Ward, CEO, UKWA
  • Simon Collett, National Head of Building, Savills 
  • Tim Ward, Managing Director, Chetwoods

Logistics and Transport have been professions that leaders and managers have ‘fallen into’, rather than pursued as preferred professions of choice – this must change; Divesting society of the misperceptions of ‘dirty trucks and sheds’ will be crucial if we are to attract the right talent; Promoting these professions as dynamic, problem solving, creative and rewarding careers is a key challenge – ‘Think Logistics’ is central to the solution.


  • CHAIR: Beverley Bell CBE LLB (Hons) FCILT FSOE FIRTE
  • James Hookham, Deputy Chief Executive, Freight Transport Association
  • Steve Granite FCILT, CEO, Abbey Logistics
  • Ian Nichol, Head of Logistics, Career Ready
  • Andy Kaye, CEO, Bis Henderson Group
  • Innovation does not flow on demand – it results from culture;
  • The next generation freight estate;
  • Longer semi trailers - impacts on freight;

Working together on innovative new projects, bringing benefits for all in transport and the wider community.


  • CHAIR: Julian Worth CMILT, Director, Transworth Rail & Chair - CILT Rail Freight Forum
  • Ed Wilson CMILT, Business Development Manager - Freight, Network Rail
  • Ian Brooker FCILT, Director - Logistics, WSP
  • ​Kenneth Russell, Sales and Marketing Director, Russell Group

The 2.7 million people involved in the logistics and transport professions are key to our safety, freedoms and prosperity, though most of the population does not know it – let’s change this! Railway people talk about bus; airport people talk about retail; ports people talk about distribution – let’s create the cross-sector conversation to be creative together; Only joined together by CILT can we hope to find the collective imagination and solutions to drive the performance and productivity necessary for the future.


  • CHAIR:  Richard Atkinson CBE MA FCILT FRSA MIoD MCIPR MA, Director of Marketing & Communications, CILT (UK) 
  • ​Kevin Richardson FCILT, Chief Executive, CILT
  • ​Peter Binham, Freight & Fleet Project Manager, Transport for London
  • Melanie Longman FCILT, Vice-Chair, CILT Women in Logistics Forum
  • Martijn Gilbert FCILT, Chief Executive, Reading Buses


Authorised Economic Operator status shall most likely be vital for success beyond Brexit – but what is it and how do you get it? Brexit shows uncertainty, but what opportunities are revealed? What new markets and new ways to serve them might be developed?


  • CHAIR: Geoff Lippitt FCILT, Business Development Director, PD Ports
  • Susan Morley FCILT, Director, Morley Consulting Training Ltd
  • Sue Terpilowski OBE FCILT, Managing Director, Image Line Communication
  • Neil Gould FCILT, Freight Forwarding Forum, CILT 


  • CHAIR: Simon Bird, Director, ABP Humber Ports
  • Lucy Hudson, Freight and Logistics Manager, Transport for the North
  • Frank Robotham, ABP

How do we choose outsourced providers? Is it cost or service, and how can we find the right balance? A look at how to motivate providers to deliver a tailored service and how to make sure you get the benefit of your provider’s specialist knowledge.


  • Nigel Kotani, Solicitor, Excello Law

Jigsaw Transport was launched in 2003 with a vision of a new business model for the 21st century. Jigsaw selected BluJay’s Transportation Management because it provided a highly effective solution with the flexibility and scalability to support future growth. BluJay Transportation Management manages end-to-end transport processes for Jigsaw, giving the organization the tools it needs to secure its future growth in a rapidly-evolving market. BluJay manages the complexity of a large supply chain spread across multiple depots with multiple modes of transport, enabling Jigsaw to achieve accelerated delivery, cost minimisation and tight goods control. As a result, Jigsaw can provide a consistently high-quality, reliable service to its customers.


  • CHAIR: Patrick Maley, Chief Marketing Officer, BluJaySolutions​​ (chair)
  • Gareth Parry, IT and Systems Manager, Jigsaw Transport

Digitisation, digital transformation, disruption: these terms have become commonplace in the way we talk about technology. Knowing the difference between them and understanding how they relate to your logistics work could take your business to the next level. Discussion on how technology is transforming the logistics industry, and how to stay ahead – or else get left behind.

Speakers :

  • CHAIR: Simon Clark, VP of Business Development for EMEA, WiseTech Global
  • Daniel MacGregor, Director of Marketing and Sales, Nexiot
  • ​Mike Holdsworth, Sector Development Director - Transportation, Inmarsat 
  • ​Dave Renshaw, CEO, OBS Logistics
  • Joshua Webb, Senior Sales Manager, AMCS Group

A look at trends, challenges, and opportunities for freight by water in the UK including short sea shipping and innovative ideas for last mile delivery, linking inland water freight and cycle deliveries.


  • ​CHAIR: Alex Veitch, Head of Global Policy, FTA 
  • Warren Marshall, Group Planning Director, Peel Ports
  • Ivor Chomacki, Consultant, UK Cycle Logistics Federation
  • David Lowe, Chairman, Commercial Boat Operators Association (CBOA)
  • Richard Ballantyne, Chief Executive and Director, British Ports Association

Developing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for air freight shippers. Service providers and shippers have been working together to establish new KPIs, setting an international standard for the air cargo industry to measure performance from a shipper perspective. The Global Shippers’ Forum and Cargo iQ have established nine overarching KPI’s, which align with Cargo iQ’s Master Operating Plan (MOP) – a route map developed by Cargo iQ members and including 16 milestones against which shipments are measured.


  • ​CHAIR: Chris Welsh MBE, Secretary General, Global Shippers' Forum, and Director of Global and European Policy, FTA
  • Ariaen Zimmerman, Executive Director, Cargo IQ
  • Lothar Moehle, Director Security Standardisation, DB Schenker
  • ​Tristan Koch, Managing Director Cargo Sales EMEA, American Airlines
  • Mark Olney, General Manager - Cargo, Europe, Middle East, India and Africa, Air Canada Cargo

A focus on the ramifications of the Brexit Bill, border controls, Customs’ procedures and transport and logistics issues connected to market access. How will UK operators be able to access EU and pan-European markets and vice versa? An estimated 180 000 traders doing business only within the UK and EU have no knowledge of border control and Customs’ procedures – what will they need to know? The international trade element will look at trade with EU countries and in particular the opportunities presented by Free Trade Agreements as well as Trusted Trader and Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status.


  • CHAIR: James Hookham, Deputy Chief Executive, FTA
  • Alex Veitch, Head of Global PolicyFTA
  • Chris Welsh MBE, Secretary General, Global Shippers' Forum and Director of Global and European Policy, FTA
  • Pauline Bastidon, Head of European Policy, FTA
  • Richard Christian, Head of Policy and Communications, Port of Dover

A discussion on how collaboration can help speed up the movement of containers entering and leaving port. How can we better manage the port hinterland and improve reliability in the supply chain?


  • CHAIR: John Fossey, Maritime Transport Consultant, Moffatt & Nichol
  • ​Chris Lewis, Managing Director, DP World UK, CEO, London Gateway
  • Jordi Torrent Pujol, Director of Strategy, Port of Barcelona 
  • David Kennedy Browne, ​Sales Director UK and Ireland, Maersk Line
  • Geoff Lippitt, Business Development Director, PD Ports
  • Ron Robinson, Sales Director, Kalmar


  • CHAIR: Robert Keen, Director General, BIFA (British International Freight Association)
  • Peter MacSwiney, Chairman, Agency Sector Management Ltd
  • Robert Windsor, Policy & Compliance Manager/Executive Director, BIFA
  • Tom Thornton, President, IIFA (Irish International Freight Association)

Tech companies and start-ups are revolutionising the logistics landscape from freight marketplaces and freight finance to web-based ratings and pricing transparency. Will digitisation replace the human touch, or do people still buy from people? And what lessons can we learn from each other.


  • CHAIR: Jim Bralsford, Vice President Sales EMEA, INTTRA
  • Zvi Schreiber, CEO, Freightos
  • Ivan Tintore, CEO, iContainters
  • Neel Ratti, General Manager, Tuscor Lloyds
  • Steve Walker, CEO, SWG

You cannot open a newspaper anywhere in the world without reading about trade deals. These deals set the rules through which the goods we rely on move around the world. Headlines are dominated by these discussions for good reason: the decisions affect us all.

Politicians set the rules but there is something they have little power to control which has just as much impact on global trade as their negotiations: technology.

Globalisation and connectivity are driving the emergence of new technologies that will dramatically change the way goods are moved around the world. Companies at the cutting edge of these developments discuss what the future of trade will look like.


  • CHAIR: Charlie Pool, CEO, Stowga
  • Graham Parker,  CEO, Kontainers
  • Alex Hersham, CEO, ZenCargo
  • ​David Jennison, Managing Director, Ontruck
  • ​Evgenia Plotnikova, Principal, Dawn Capital

Set out the vision for future cargo operations at Heathrow and update on what they are doing/who are they working with, to get there.

Speakers :

  • CHAIR: Nick Platts, Head of Cargo, Heathrow Airport 
  • Kim Gray, Head of Commercial Planning and Development, Heathrow Airport
  • Robert Keen, Director General, British International Freight Association (BIFA)
  • Tristan Koch, Managing Director Cargo Sales EMEA, American Airlines

The UK ecommerce grew by 14 per cent in 2017 - a trend predicted to increase exponentially in the future. In addition, a paper by Deloitte shows that some of the largest challenges in the logistics industry are an ageing workforce, the ability to digitise processes and to utilise Big Data in order to face an increasing workload. The session will look at how to combine talent recruitment from the generation of Millennials with more efficient processes by the use of Big Data and also how to manage effective Task Management in a rapidly growing industry like warehousing and transportation.


  • CHAIR: Andreas Sjölund, Global Sales Director, Quinyx 
  • Andy McBain, Head of Product Management - EMEA, Zebra Technologies

Transport for the North’s vision is of a thriving North of England, where modern transport connections drive economic growth and support an excellent quality of life. To build a well-connected North, however, we need to do more than just improve travel within the region. We also need to ensure that the North has easy access to the international connections to develop trade links which will allow it to deliver its full potential on the global stage. This will be achieved by the logistics industry maximising the opportunities on the Northern transport network.


  • CHAIR: Jonathan Spruce, Interim Director of Strategy, TfN
  • Marian Sudbury, Director - Global Operations - Northern Powerhouse - Exports & Investment, Department for International Trade
  • Adam Jupp, Head of External Affairs, ‎Manchester Airport
  • Kate Willard, Head of Corporate Projects, Stobart Group
  • Nolan Gray, Business Development Director, Port of Tyne

Creating superior customer value is becoming increasingly important for the providers of logistics services. But there is still a lack of understanding about the actual values which logistics service providers can offer to their customers to make them better-off. This seminar will look at the values which can be created for business-to-business buyers of logistics services and have to fill the gap in the mismatch between what logistics buyer companies value and what logistics service providers offer.


  • CHAIR: Alexandre Metreveli, Lecturer in Operations and Supply Chain Management, Associate Course Director - MSc International Business Logistics (CILT and CIPS accredited), Coventry University
  • CO-CHAIR: Fred Lemke, Professor of Marketing & Sustainability, Vlerick Business School
  • Chris Mills, Director of Transportation , C.H. Robinson
  • David Hogg, Smart Dispense Service Delivery Manager, Innserve Ltd
  • Bernard Molloy, Global Logistics Director, Unipart Logistics


The seminar will look at the law relating to the following topics:

  • Legal defense
  • Mitigating factors
  • Case studies drawn from speakers’ careers
  • Real-life circumstances and facts used to defend prosecution


  • CHAIR: Richard Silver, Senior Solicitor, Richard Silver Solicitors
  • Paul Jorgensen, UK Principle Shareholder and Senior Partner, Strategic Analytics Team

Half of the food consumed in the UK comes from abroad, of which most of which originates in the European Union (EU).  Who will be the winners and losers in the perishables logistics and transport sector?


  • CHAIR: Alex von Stempel, Managing Director, Cool Logistics Resources Ltd
  • John Keefe, Director of Public Affairs, Eurotunnel
  • Nick Lowe, MD, DACHSER UK
  • Joachim Coens, President and CEO, Port of Zeebrugge
  • Robert Hardy, Commercial Director, Oakland Invicta Ltd

CILT Seminar : FMCG by Rail: How to make it work for you
Wednesday 2nd May 11.30 for 12.00-13.00
Room 4.9 located adjacent to the Organisers Office at the front of the Hall

Consumer goods now make up the biggest part of UK railfreight, at 40% of total volume. Major players such as Tesco and the other big retailers, together with manufacturers, importers and 3PL's are using rail on a daily basis in their supply chains. However, for many in logistics, rail remains a mystery or something that 'works for others but not for me'. 

With growing concerns over HGV driver shortage and motorway congestion, rail can offer an alternative to road haulage that is, operationally proven and economically attractive, as well as providing big reductions in carbon and other emissions from the supply chain.

This session will explore how you can make use of rail in the short and medium term, with multi-user as well as dedicated services and facilities. The panel consists of supply chain professionals at the forefront of using rail for trunking within the UK, as well as inbound supply chains from continental Europe and the deep sea ports. We aim to provide a lively discussion about operational aspects and longer term supply chain planning.

This session is free to both members and non-members, there is no need to book, simply turn up, we look forward to welcoming you!


  • Julian Worth CMILT, Director, Transworth Rail; Chair, CILT Rail Freight Forum
  • Kenneth Russell, Commercial Director, John G Russell (Transport) Ltd
  • David Turner CMILT, Director of Rail, Malcolm Logistics
  • David Cross FCILT, Commercial Manager, iPort Doncaster
  • Rupert Dyer, Consultant, Rail Expertise Ltd.


Multimodal, Peel Ports and Meantime will launch a new initiative called the NextGen Logistics Network, which aims to support the next generation of industry leaders to learn from each other and exchange ideas to build a better, more collaborative supply chain industry :

Find out through an interactive seminar the views of those who have joined the sector in the last couple years. How open is it to fresh thinking, why does it drive your interest and what are its frustrations?

CHAIR : Emma Murray, Founder and CEO, Meantime Communications

Hear from panelists who are in their 30’s but are already taking on significant responsibilities. Listen to what career options could be within your reach and how panelists have achieved this. Find out whether the panelists’ career ambitions have been exceeded, what challenges they’ve faced and, if they could go back in time, what advice they would give the themselves as a college / university leaver.


  • CHAIR: Stephen Carr, Commercial Director, Peel Ports
  • Eva Gil-Llacer, Cargo Improvement Manager, Heathrow Airport
  • Lorna Thompson, Project Management Office Manager, Peel Port Group


Unfortunately due to circumstances outside the control of the organisers, sessions, speakers and timings may be subject to alteration or cancellation.  The organisers apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
The organisers have the right to refuse admission. 

Opening Times

Tues 18th June 2019 10:00 - 17:00

Awards/VIP Dinner 19:00 - 24:00

Wed 19th June 2019 10:00 - 19:00

Multimodal Mixer 17:00 - 19:00
(Late night opening & happy hour)

Thurs 20th June 2019 10:00 - 15:00


Supply chain management for logistics and cargo owners.

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