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Kewill Move on the Cloud now runs on Amazon Web Services

Kewill has announced it is working with Amazon, Inc. to offer Kewill Cloud products and services on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud platform. This will enable Kewill’s industry leading multimodal transportation management platform, Kewill MOVE® on the Cloud, to be deployed on a global Cloud platform.

The AWS platform will give Kewill MOVE users faster deployments, flexibility in configuration, unparalleled scalability, and the resilience of the Amazon platform to keep applications running – all the time. Using AWS will allow Kewill customers to scale their capacity to better manage seasonal volumes, mergers and acquisitions and movement into new markets in a cost-effective manner.

The AWS Cloud platform allows Kewill to deploy Kewill MOVE solutions tailored to the exact needs of customers. Customers regularly begin with one transport hub, warehouse or region and then grow to global deployments. The Amazon platform will make these expansions easier, more consistent, and much more cost effective.

“The platform also allows smaller and mid-sized customers to establish world-class reliability formerly reserved for only the largest firms,” said Greg Carter, Chief Technology Officer and EVP of Product Development of Kewill. “A unique capability of the Cloud is the ability to shrink a Kewill MOVE application during slow periods – a valuable cost saving function for businesses that are highly seasonal. You pay for only what you need, when you need it.”

Kewill has hosted supply chain execution solutions for customers for over twenty years. The transition to the Amazon Cloud platform allows Kewill to enhance and expand its transportation management software and services offerings running on a world-class infrastructure. The security and monitoring of infrastructure on the Amazon Cloud gives customers increased confidence when running business critical functions on the Kewill MOVE platform. The platform will have the advantage of some of the industry’s most sophisticated security tools and best practices.

While the Amazon Cloud may be new to Kewill MOVE, Amazon is not new to the Cloud. As one of the original Cloud platform providers, Amazon has over 15 years of Cloud platform experience and the best track record in the market. Amazon supports over one million firms today and some analysts have found one-third of Internet users access an Amazon cloud-powered service daily.

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