Wagtail UK

Stand number: 6046


Wagtail happy to be at Multimodal

Wagtail UK Ltd was established in 2003.  It provides detection dogs and related services for government agencies such as UK Border Force, HM Revenue & Customs, Police, Trading Standards and Armed Forces.

Wagtail is contracted by the UK Border Force to provide ‘Body Detection Dogs’ (for illegal immigrants) in Northern France 24/7, 365 days a year. 

An international, multi-award winning company, Wagtail dogs can detect, firearms, explosives, drugs, cash, tobacco and products of animal origin including ivory, pangolin scale, bush meat, leopard skin ‘live’ animals, bats and great crested newts.

Our handlers have extensive experience of working in international military and civil operations, in accordance with guidelines stipulated by the British Armed Forces and Home Office.

We provide highly trained dogs and dog teams for:-

  • Explosives and firearms detection
  • Drugs detection (passive and pro-active)
  • Tobacco detection
  • Cash detection
  • 'Live' body detection (people smuggling and border control)
  • Conservation
  • Products of Animal Origin
  • Cadaver detection (human remains)
  • Search and rescue/urban disaster rescue (confined space)
  • Hydrocarbons detection (fire investigation)
  • Personal protection and security patrols