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VTG back at Multimodal

VTG Rail UK Ltd is an award-winning organisation, pioneering innovative design, leading research and the development of industry standards for rail freight rolling stock. As part of VTG AG, Europe’s leading wagon hire and rail logistics company, it has substantial experience and resources underpinning its UK operations.

VTG’s UK fleet of almost 3,000 wagons comprises a bulk sector for dry and solid products, a tank sector for petroleum and chemical products plus an intermodal sector covering a comprehensive range of container platforms including the award winning Ecofret, and Megafret platforms suitable for International traffic via the Channel Tunnel.

New wagons are added regularly as part of a continuous replenishment process, being chosen to meet emerging market demands, as well as specific customer requirements. In addition to VTG’s ground breaking Ecofret wagon, which provides substantial economic benefits for maritime intermodal traffic by eliminating costly wasted space, VTG pioneered the introduction of aluminium bodied cement wagons giving a payload advantage of 5 tonnes compared to steel alternatives. Following its development of the first wagon fleet for the large-scale movement of biomass by rail, VTG has recently received a number of industry awards for “re-purposing” redundant wagons in response to the downturn in the ESI coal market. As a consequence VTG is now able to offer a variety of “repurposed” coal hopper wagons in a form optimised for the movement of aggregates.

As well as supplying purpose built or modified vehicles to meet customer requirements under flexible leasing arrangements, VTG is also an accredited “Entity in Charge of Maintenance”, and acts as both Keeper and ECM for all of the wagons in its fleet, ensuring full regulatory compliance. With additional offerings including purchase and leaseback, and a bespoke wagon management package for private wagon owners, VTG remains your number one choice.