PTV Group

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The Mind of Movement

PTV has four decades of experience in planning and optimising the movement of goods and people with customers in over 120 countries. Over one million vehicle journeys are planned each day using the company‘s journey planning and cost calculation software, saving 40,000 tones of CO2 emissions each day.


PTV logistics products are now available as an Internet subscription-based service. Small and large fleets can thus benefit from advanced automated route planning and cost analysis tools, including transport route planning, real-time journey management, Estimated Time of Arrival,and truck-specific navigation and parking.

The software delivers a full transport schedule quickly, yet also allows users to still manually intervene when required utilising their own knowledge and experience.

The integrated Advanced Cost Calculation and Break-Even Analysis tools automatically provides costs for each trip based on the operator’s cost profile , enhancing accuracy. Sophisticated algorithms mean that even complex quotation and cost calculations take less than a minute.