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Modaltrans provides seamless and bespoke solutions for the unique needs of businesses with flat and affordable pricing model

For all forms of logistics…
  • Freight Forwarders manage their businesses efficiently, with the use of our CRM, sales/finance reports, electronic paperwork and booking records
  • Fleet Operators find the optimal way to organise and track all assets, drivers and documents in real time
  • 3PLs carry out complex intermodal operations by giving all departments and branches access to a joined system and manage financials with custom reports
  • Shippers make online tenders, create quotes, generate contracts and bring visibility to the whole processes and use our integration capabilities to sync inbound and outbound operations
Achieve a 360-degree view of your business
  • Logistics Operations. Easily manage various types of projects including intermodal. Organize your FCL, LCL, FTL and LTL freight efficiently with automatic e-documents to avoid data replication
  • Fleet Management. Modaltrans can track the location of your vehicles and trailers as well as fuel logs, driver expenses, equipment, planned maintenance and much more
  • Document Management. All relevant documents can be created in Modaltrans or uploaded and stored securely in the cloud making them instantly available from anywhere
  • Accounting&Finance. Modaltrans includes a comprehensive financial module allowing users to create all fiscal documents such as invoices, e-bills and receipts as well as inbuilt and custom reports for profitability, forecasting and more
  • CRM. Manage contacts, quotations, emails, notes and agreements in one screen
Integration drives efficiency
  • Modaltrans includes intelligent integrations such as Real-time GPS tracking, telematics, customs and business intelligence
  • Acceleration in workflow. Get instant updates, sync with web and cloud based services, fetch your documents, bills and statements automatically
  • Full visibility and mobility. Digital experience available anywhere, anytime and from any device responsively
One collaborative cloud
  • Everything in one place. Orders, shipments, documents, invoices, contacts and more, all deeply integrated into the platform
  • Everyone on the same page. Supply your team the tools they require to work collaboratively and achieve higher rates of productivity
  • From chaos to clarity. Organise your whole supply chain keeping everything under control