Jigsaw Transport

Stand number: 6070


Multimodal: the missing piece for Jigsaw Transport

Jigsaw Transport combines the best of traditional, personalised road haulage with quality management and modern administrative systems, but without associated big company overheads. This provides genuine rate benefits, offers national reach and capitalises on the strong, established regional presence of the partner companies.

Supported by an advanced, integrated IT network, and run by a visionary and progressive management team, Jigsaw is now the fastest growing business in the UK transport sector.

By harnessing the resources of its partner hauliers - all leading privately owned businesses - with reliable yet innovative systems, clear minded management and a strong attention to detail Jigsaw has positioned itself as one of very few UK businesses that can offer a viable non 4PL transport solution for customers requiring national coverage, flexibility and scale.

Jigsaw's structure is clearly differentiated from the big 4PLs by the high levels of participation from its partner hauliers.