Fagan & Whalley

Stand number: 9033


Fagan & Whalley back at Multimodal

Versatility is at the heart of everything we do, which has led to the complete road haulage service that we offer today. Whatever the requirement to deliver your products to your customers you can expect a quality, friendly and expert service throughout. This flexibility and attention to detail allows us to cater for all sizes of cargo, from a single pallet to out sized loads. With depots in Lancashire and Coventry, we cover the UK with ease, giving you peace of mind that your consignment will reach its destination promptly.

As reliability is paramount, we have a diligent dedication to our people and our fleet. Our drivers are well supported and catered for, whilst our vehicles carefully maintained. When it comes to our vehicle renewal policy, we act responsibly to purchase the most up-to-date equipment to maximise both the service life of the vehicles and our reliability of service. This steadfast approach allows us to keep our pricing down for you, whilst providing a service that can be relied on time and time again