Stand number: 4085


Delivery Management is all about connecting your warehouse to your customers in the most efficient way. 

By making one standard integration to Consignor, we make sure that no matter what combination of carrier services you choose, your customer will get the same high quality feeling when receiving a delivery from you.

Consignor supports your delivery processes by making it simpler, less time consuming and cheaper to ship orders to customers. Our sole focus is Delivery Management. We develop and license the Consignor software platform, which includes all stages of shipping and delivery and offer customers an integrated, sustainable and complete delivery solution, that will continue to perform and develop in line with their strategies.

As the leading provider of Delivery Management software, Consignor combine in-depth knowledge of transportation and logistics with outstanding software architecture and design. Our software holds the largest carrier library in the world, connecting our customers to exactly the carriers that match their shipping needs.

The Consignor platform handles millions of shipments a year, and makes it possible for our 10,000+ customers to choose the best solution for their shipments, regardless of carriers, ERP, WMS or webshop setup. Our client portfolio ranges from small start-up online shops to large third-party logistics companies. We are influenced by our customers’ needs and grow in line with our customers both in terms of software development and geographically.

Employing 155 staff and expected revenues of EUR 20 million in 2018, Consignor has grown to be the largest provider of Delivery Management software.