CakeBoxx Technologies

Stand number: 8002


CakeBoxx(es) Clever with Disruptive Container at Multimodal

The shipping industry has changed a great deal in the past 50 years, yet the basic design of the shipping container hasn’t changed much since it was invented in 1955. Containers need to load, unload and be handled more quickly than ever to operate in the current market. Cargos have never been more expensive, awkward to load and attractive to steal.

CakeBoxx products with their exclusive and innovative ‘deck and lid’ design are a container revolution for cargo security, structural integrity and supply chain efficiency.  A disruptive technology in the containerized cargo industry, CakeBoxx offers many distinct advantages over traditional containers and has a wide array of applications for non-traditional use with the container form factor.

CakeBoxx offers end-to-end compatibility; seamlessly integrating into the existing logistics chain with CSC/ISO certification.