BoxTop Technologies

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BoxTop moves into Multimodal

BoxTop Technologies are innovative leaders in the provision of freight forwarding software and logistics software, providing technical solutions designed specifically for international freight forwarders and logistics providers.

BoxTop helps your people work together more effectively and expensive resources are optimised. Managers have instant access to company-wide information and in-depth reporting, equipping them to plan better for the future.

BoxTop puts you in control of a smarter, more efficient business and enables your people to free-up time to focus on developing other areas of your business.

BoxTop was designed to appeal to everyone in the organisation, from operations to accounts, whilst not forgetting the importance and contribution that the sales and warehouse people make to the overall success within any freight forwarding business.

A great deal of time and attention was spent on examining how the various departments that make up the entire organisation interact with one another. And then we set about ensuring that all aspects of BoxTop would help and encourage the flow of vital information between the various departments so that the all-important financial controls could be applied intelligently.

We've worked hard to remove the invisible barriers to effective communication within the organisation so the end result is a more cohesive, happy and highly motivated workforce, with everyone all working in harmony to help you reach your goals