Battling Suicide Bus

Tackling loneliness with 5asideChess

We need to talk about loneliness.  Raising awareness is an important part of changing the way we think about and acknowledge loneliness.  This week is Loneliness Awareness Week.  This campaign is being run all over the UK with the mission to talk about and tackle the ever-growing loneliness many people feel.

Those in jobs which, by their nature, isolate them from others can become incredibly lonely and socially isolated.  Social interaction and conversations with others are fundamental to our daily life, so why is it that industries such as the logistics sector pay little attention to the mental health needs?

5asideChess and the Battling Suicide Bus are attending MultiModal this week, supported by How’s My Driving, with the aim of promoting their new ‘Driving Better Mental Health’ initiative which is specifically aimed at improving mental health within this sector.  This bold new campaign aims to get drivers talking.  It was launched earlier this year and already has proved to be a powerful catalyst for drivers.  They have told us how lonely their job can be, how they miss their families and loved ones and how isolated they can feel, particularly if they are on the road for long periods. We’ve witnessed tears, despair, dismay and heartbreak.

Next week we want to talk to more drivers and also business owners about how 5asideChess can offer a simple yet effective ice-breaker to help beat work-based loneliness and support mental health by encouraging drivers to socialise and, most importantly, talk to others.

Join us on stand 8010 to find out how you can break the stigma of loneliness and get your drivers or colleagues talking!

Join the conversation this week on social media by using the hashtags #LetsTalkLoneliness #DrivingBetterMentalHealth and #5asideChess