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Robert.Jervis_43227 Jan 13

XPO Logistics to provide logistics and transport for DnaNudge

“We designed an agile, scalable solution”
XPO Logistics has been awarded a contract by DnaNudge Ltd to pack and deliver rapid, lab-free COVID-19 tests to National Health Service (NHS) distribution points, patient care homes and other healthcare facilities across the UK.
XPO will perform the services from its Amber Park site in Derbyshire, which has the required quality control systems in place. The DnaNudge polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test is authorised by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) for clinical use and has received the European CE mark for conformity with health, safety and environmental protection standards.
Professor Chris Toumazou, co-founder and CEO, DnaNudge, said:

“XPO responded to our requirements with a highly reliable, customised solution that integrates logistics and transport with a single point of contact. This efficiency is essential, as demand for our lab-free COVID-19 PCR test has increased from an initial average of 100,000 per month to 1.5 million per month.”
Gavin Williams, managing director, supply chain – UK and Ireland, XPO Logistics, said:

“We thank DnaNudge for entrusting us with critical support for the NHS and other UK healthcare providers during COVID-19. We designed an agile, scalable solution that leverages our capabilities in the healthcare sector to meet DnaNudge’s specific needs.”