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Robert.Jervis_43227 Jan 21

Very very cold – and vaccine-ready

Vaccine-ready -70°C reefers from CakeBoxx Technologies
CakeBoxx Technologies, the US company famed for the two-piece 'CakeBoxx' container and other innovative transportation products has announced availability of the 'Global Vaccine Distribution Container' through a partnership with industry leader in refrigerated containers, Qingdao CIMC Special Reefer Co., Ltd (QCSC).
The ISO 20ft standard form factor special reefer container uses a Thermo King Deep Freezer unit and is designed for the ultra-low internal temperatures down to -70°C required for the transportation and storage of various medical vaccines. Notably this includes some of the high-profile vaccines developed to combat the COVID-19 Coronavirus, that are currently in heavy demand.
CakeBoxx Technologies CEO Daine Eisold said,
"We have a great partnership with CIMC Qingdao. They are the industry leader in high-performance refrigerated containers – and true to form they have responded to the call to action to support global transportation requirements for the COVID-19 vaccines. We are anxious to do our part to make these containers available through our network."
This latest development follows 2020's launch of CakeBoxx Technologies' 'ThermoBoxx™' two-piece refrigerated containers, another product line designed for loss-prevention and the cost-effective shipment of temperature-sensitive cargoes