UK home improvement retailer Wickes is renewing its fleet of trailers and trucks whilst investing in its Truck And Child Safety (TACS) program with a new ‘safety truck’, thanks to supply partner, TIP Group.

The fleet ‘refresh’ consists of 46 DAF XF 480 tractor units, 28 DAF LF 260 curtainside rigid trucks and 38 double-deck curtainsider trailers, all on a long-term arrangement, to provide the operator with enhanced safety benefits and operational efficiencies across their fleet.

The new assets provided by TIP include a truck that will be used to help re-enforce promotion of Wickes’ ongoing, self-funded, child safety training campaign. Complete with bespoke safety livery, the new truck will primarily be used to visit schools around the UK to demonstrate road safety from the truck perspective to school children. By giving school children the opportunity to explore the vehicle inside and out, they are encouraged to discover first-hand exactly what a HGV driver can and cannot see behind the wheel.

Robert Dibble, Transport Operations Manager for the Wickes Store Delivery Network, commented:

“Our new safety truck is a DAF XF 480 and it is equipped with many safety features, making it ideal for raising awareness with school children of the importance of road safety when around large vehicles such as HGVs.”

The DAF LF 260 rigid trucks feature  an underbody kitchen worktop storage locker. These lockers not only keep kitchen worktops safe while in transit, but also free up more space in the main cargo area, providing greater efficiencies when it comes to customer home deliveries.

The double-deck curtainsider trailers are manufactured by Montracon and are supplied with unique strapping arrangement, enhancing safety and ensuring that delivery space is optimised.

They are also fitted with TIP’s Electronic Braking Performance Monitoring System, BrakePlus. Having EBPMS fitted enables Wickes to reduce the number of roller brake tests required throughout the year, allowing the trailers to undergo just the one physical test, which will take place as part of their MOT.

The trailers are supplied with full maintenance and repair services from TIP and further units will be delivered in 2024.

Mark Wheeler, National Transport Manager added:

“Aside from the clear safety and compliance benefits of the fitment of BrakePlus to our trailer fleet, we expect the adoption of the system to have a direct impact on our fleet costs. With the reduction in the number of roller brake tests now needed, including reduced ‘downtime’ benefits, the system is estimated to save us more than £50,000 a year across our fleet when also retro fitted to the existing Wickes trailer fleet, according to our calculations, and we are delighted with that.”

Stephen Stanton, key account manager for Wickes at TIP commented:

“TIP is providing operators with more and more solutions for both truck and trailer and we are really pleased to have been able to do so for Wickes.

“We are delighted that Wickes is continuing to invest in its TACS program and it’s great to see their new ‘safety truck’ put to use in educating children around HGV awareness as part of a super initiative, which will benefit us all.”

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