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Stiller Warehousing and Distribution makes deal with national network Hazchem

Stiller Warehousing and Distribution makes deal with national network Hazchem image
Stiller Warehousing and Distribution, in Newton Aycliffe, has won more than £100,000-worth of new contracts after becoming the regional member of national network Hazchem less than a year ago
Formed in 1954, Stiller provides warehousing and distribution services to businesses in the North-East region.

Since teaming up with Hazchem, the firm can now transport hazardous products around the UK and Europe.

Hazchem has 60 members around the UK, Ireland and in 28 European countries, and specialises in the movement of hazardous packaged goods, liquids or difficult-to-handle products.

Hobbyweld, a firm based in Newcastle, supplies rent-free industrial gas cylinders, and is benefitting from Stiller’s link with Hazchem.

The distribution service co-ordinates daily collections and deliveries for Hobbyweld, using its online booking system and customer services team, based at its premises on Aycliffe Business Park.

Hobbyweld’s products include a range of welding and cutting gases which are supplied in a package.

These cylinders are supplied to the end user via a network of independent retail outlets around the UK and Republic of Ireland.

All Hobbyweld products are refilled at their industrial gas plant in Westerhope, Newcastle, before they’re distributed to their network of stockists by Stiller, who collect and deliver to all regions of the UK, including remote locations.

Stiller commercial manager Lizzie Brophy said:

“We’re delighted to be working with Hobbyweld and helping them to improve their services to customers.

“Joining the Hazchem network in April 2019 opened up new avenues for us to explore and having direct access to the Hazchem network has proved a real game-changer for the business.”

Paul Robson, general manager for Hobbyweld, said:

“Typically, industrial gas is supplied on a rental model, where an end user would pay a monthly or annual charge to use a gas cylinder.

“While this method is both convenient and cost effective for business users, the low volume user may find this monthly expenditure and complexity unwarranted.

“The only other alternative for a low volume user historically, was to use disposable gas cartridges.

“In addition to being larger and generally better value than disposables, our gas cylinders are re-usable and offer the user a greener option to these “throw-away” style products."

Stiller collect and return empty canisters to be refilled for another sale, and once a customer has need for a refill, they can return to their local outlet and swap their empty cylinder for a full one.

Robson continued:

“The fact that end users receive a professional quality product without a rental charge is the primary reason our business continues to grow.

“Typical low volume users include classic car and motorcycle enthusiasts who use the gas primarily for restoration, as well as small agricultural holdings, metal sculptors and artists.”

Hobbyweld has been working with Stiller now for several months.

Mr Robson added:

“The relationship with Stiller had to be developed quickly.

“Stiller offered a professional, well-tailored solution for us – and it was very quickly evident that they had many innovative tools to help the new relationship.

“Their online booking system was particularly beneficial to our Hobbyweld team and brought some immediate efficiency to that part of the process.”

Last year Stiller opened a £2m freight distribution centre at its site in Aycliffe Business Park, and converted its former logistics centre into a 50,000 square feet warehouse to accommodate 6,000 pallets.

This took the company’s total investment in property, facilities and people to a total of £11m in the last four years