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Robert.Jervis_43227 Jan 13

Six new giant container cranes arrive at Port of Immingham

Six new giant container cranes arrive at Port of Immingham image
Project Pilgrim's £7 million investment arrives from China after festive 34-day crossing
Key elements in a £33 million upgrade to Immingham Container Terminal have arrived in the port.

Six giant electric rubber tyre gantry cranes are now on the quayside, shipped from China over the festive period.

Project Pilgrim will future-proof the terminal, extend its footprint and improve the service to customers according to Associated British Ports.

The cranes represent more than £7 million of the total investment.

The electric rubber tyre gantry cranes about to be discharged at Port of Immingham, having been shipped from China as part of the £33 million Immingham Container Terminal investment.

They will be used to stack containers in what is already the largest port by tonnage in the UK once they have been through modification works and mapping, ahead of commissioning at the end of February.

Simon Bird, regional director of ABP Humber, said:

“This is a hugely exciting time for containers in the Humber ports. The investment in this infrastructure is key to ABP’s expansion plans at the Immingham Container Terminal and we have already seen huge success from similar investment in our port across the Humber in Hull.

“The electric rubber tyre gantry cranes will also reduce fuel consumption by 95 per cent and will therefore complement our efforts to reduce emissions.”

He added that the sheer size of the vessel and the overhang of the equipment made this an exciting arrival for the team at the port, with ABP staff “working hard on the planning and execution of the berth”.

It has been a strategy to invest in containers, making the estuary a vital short sea container hub. Efforts have included measures to reduce the south to north road transport of imported goods destined for the wider region, reducing lorry miles and easing congestion.

Major rail enhancements have been taking place between Port of Immingham and Doncaster to allow the route to handle new cube containers, more common on the continent, while the Hull terminal was expanded in 2018, enabling sailings to increase from five to 15 per week, with new destinations and partners added.

Source: Business Live