The AsstrA IPL team has just completed the movement of an 827 tonne wash tower from Bilbao to Gdansk.

The AsstrA team received the cargo under vessel hook at Bilbao and subsequently at Gijon (FOB terms) and then loaded all items onto mv (motor vessel) Fairmaster.

In Bilbao Port, 6 pieces of cargo were loaded from port roll mafi trailers onto mv Fairmaster using vessel's crane. Thereafter the ship moved westwards along the Spanish coast to Gijon Port.  The transit time from Bilbao to Gijon was only 10 hours. Once vessel arrived to Gijon, AsstrA Team loaded the wash tower onto the Faimaster with a tandem lift (both ships cranes in sync).

“When vessel arrived to Gijon AsstrA Team loaded it the Wash Tower from SPMT's onto ocean vessel using vessel's cranes/gears and transported it to Gdansk port in Poland. All pieces were discharged from vessel into 3 river barges (1 barge for the Wash Tower) and 2 barges for the remaining 6 pieces) using vessel's cranes/gears,”- explains Miguel Salas, Head of AsstrA IPL Spain.

After lashing and securing of the wash tower onboard, ship sailed to Gdansk port in Poland. The voyage took 5 days.

At Gdansk port, the wash tower was then discharged directly onto a river barge, again using the Fairmaster cranes in a tandem lift. Thereafter the other 6 items were discharged, again directly into river barges.

“A special challenge turned out to be time. AsstrA team needed to discharge all items within one day in order to avoid delay to the ship. Despite worsening weather during the day, the operations were commenced at 0900 Hrs and concluded same day at 1945 Hrs,” – adds Patrick Richardson Global Head of Business Development for AsstrA Industrial Project Logistics

All these items were destined for Plock Poland.

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