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Robert.Jervis_43227 Feb 17

Safety organisation calls for trade union coordination to resume

Safety organisation calls for trade union coordination to resume image
Unite’s support important to enhance H&S
Port Skills and Safety (PSS) has called for Unite the Union to overturn a decision which ended joint safety initiatives with the organisation, following a dispute between the trade union and a port employer.

The decision, made by the Docks, Rail, Ferries and Waterways committee of Unite the Union last year, means that the union no longer supports the tripartite Safety in Ports (SiPs) guidance developed by PSS, the union and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

PSS, an independent membership organisation which works to increase levels of health and safety in ports, says that Unite’s decision to withdraw their support places PSS in the middle of a dispute they are unable to influence, and ultimately means those who work on the ground in ports are unable to have a say on the safety guidance that seeks to protect them.

“PSS values its long-standing relationship with the Union and it members; and being able to develop guidance agreed by all three bodies is of huge benefit to the industry and those who work within it,” said PSS chief executive, Debbie Cavaldoro.

“PSS has proposed several initiatives to break the deadlock and called on Unite to return to the negotiation table to resolve this matter. However, we are unable to intervene in any issues which arise strictly between unite members and their employers.”

PSS produces a number of Safety in Port (SiPs) documents which give guidance on all health and safety considerations for ports. This guidance is developed alongside employers, government agencies and port workers to work towards a port sector that is fatality-free with minimal workplace injury