Technology designed to create safer and more predictable workplaces shouldn’t get in the way of getting the job done. Instead, technology should also unlock opportunities for enhanced efficiency, and greater productivity.

The Reactec team will exhibit at Multimodal 2023 (stand no.7000) to showcase how their combination of workplace wearable technology and data analytics can protect workforces from operating hazards, while adapting to real-world scenarios and dynamic risk environments.

For over two decades, Reactec has pioneered risk management solutions to help forward-thinking organisations protect their workforce.

Reactec’s mission is to engineer out workplace risk by developing cutting-edge solutions that empower employers to make essential data-driven decisions to refine controls and improve safety on site.

In 2022, Reactec launched the R-Link smart watch, their third-generation workplace wearable for the prevention of multiple workplace health risks. R-Link helps teams to monitor, manage, and mitigate risk from exposure to vibration when operating power tools, and reduce dangerous proximity to moving vehicles, or restricted areas, on the worksite.

Reactec’s advanced proximity warning system was built to effectively prevent accidents involving people and moving vehicles, without slowing down operations. R-Link’s bespoke Driver Watch credentials, allows operators of forklifts or machinery to be protected when away from their vehicle and be alerted when operating their vehicle of pedestrians within their exclusion zone.

Accidents between pedestrians and moving vehicles or machinery rank among the top fatal injuries within construction, while there are over 1,300 forklift accidents occurring every year in the UK alone. This is a risk to worker health and safety which simply cannot be ignored.

Fortunately, with the right systems in place, and a more modern approach to managing the risk from moving vehicles and people, future incidents can be avoided.

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