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Robert.Jervis_43227 Dec 07

Quay crane automated truck identification

Quay crane automated truck identification image

International Terminal Solutions Limited has announced the successful completion of trials on a ship side version of their RFID based TRUCK-ID system.

The new version automates the identification of trucks under the quay crane and which lane the truck is located in. The system design extends the automation of the ship side operation and provides data to other systems.

Richard Lambert ITS’ Managing Director said:

”With the prevalence of automated and semi-automated quay cranes becoming greater and greater we see systems like the TRUCK-ID system as  low cost automation enablers and becoming significant factors in joining up the processes to provide a seamless smooth operational flow.”

TRUCK-ID provides accurate identification of the container move required before the truck comes to a rest under the crane. This is a major benefit in the process flow, as the job identification process can take place without delay. This removes pauses in the operation as the system doesn’t require the truck to be stationary.

Richard Lambert went on to say:

“We were recently asked by a leading crane automation and control vendor, if the same automated identification processes we use in the yard and gate could be applied to a quay crane. They identified this as being a major benefit and an enabler for higher levels of quay crane automation. We decided to undertake a proof of concept trial which was completed successfully and showed 100% reliable identification.”

The ITS TRUCK-ID system has been implemented in several container terminals, optimising the operation and providing an enabler for automated yard operations. Based on Passive RFID technology TRUCK-ID requires no planned maintenance, has no battery to replace, and offers an excellent return on investment. The system was originally designed for automatic handoff between container handling equipment and a container truck. TRUCK-ID can be implemented in automated and manned operations by promoting the job to an operator for a manned crane, or reporting the move identified directly to the Terminal Operating System. Over the last few years ITS have extended TRUCK-ID to provide yard tracking and automated identification at the gate, weigh scales, and various other critical operational decision points.