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Priority Freight ready to help clients through new customs challenges

priority freight
“Deal or no deal, our mission is to remove all elements of stress for our clients and take care of the entire cross-border transportation and customs process”
Priority Freight has declared itself ‘Brexit-ready’ ahead of the myriad of new customs procedures and challenges set to come into effect from January.
The news should provide some much-needed reassurance to Priority Freight’s current and prospective clients looking to move goods between the UK and EU after the Brexit transition period ends on 31 December.
HM Revenue & Customs has accredited Priority Freight with Authorised Economic Operator Full (AEOF) status at all of its UK locations (Dover, Coventry and Heathrow), giving the company power to operate quicker customs procedures, and move goods into temporary storage between different member states.
As part of the end-to-end logistics service offered to clients, Priority Freight has set up a dedicated customs management team. Working closely with the global logistics operations, these experts clear customs in-house to keep customers’ supply chains moving.
Priority Freight’s custom storage facilities includes its own External Temporary Storage Facilities (ETSF) and Customs Warehouse at all of its UK premises.
The ETSF and Customs Warehouse in Dover is located inside the company’s secure truck parking facility, conveniently just three miles from the port. Goods may be processed on route, at Dover, Heathrow or Coventry, avoiding port congestion.
The ETSF allows Priority Freight to place non-EU goods into storage prior to customs procedures or re-exportation. This means the company can retain the goods required for customs inspection only, while the remainder of the shipment can be delivered without delay.
Neal Williams, Group Managing Director at Priority Freight commented:

“With no agreed deal at this late stage, there’s still a lot of uncertainty and confusion around what customs will look like post-Brexit. Deal or no deal, our mission is to remove all elements of stress for our clients and take care of the entire cross-border transportation and customs process. We have built an expert team to do just that, meaning clients can continue to ship goods with speed, flexibility and confidence.”
Since the nation voted to leave the EU in June 2016, Priority Freight has been building an experienced team of customs specialists, employed at its Head Office in Dover, working alongside the company’s global logistics operations as part of a wholly-managed, door-to-door transportation process.
Priority Freight’s highly experienced multilingual logistics and customs specialists are committed to providing the fastest, most cost-effective and reliable solutions – with an industry-leading reaction time of under 15 minutes and an on-time delivery rate of 99.6%