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Preparing for Post COVID-19 operations

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Considerations and Practicalities for Port Community Systems, Single Window and other electronic exchange platforms: A white paper from Richard Morton - IPCSA
Port Community Systems (PCS), Single Window (SW) and other Electronic Exchange platforms that have during the COVID-19 Global Crisis been critical elements of the digital infrastructure for the supply chain, including Sea and Air Ports, Trade Facilitation and Cross Border logistical and administrative / regulatory processes are now considering how to plan and prepare for recovery and normalisation of operations.

During the crisis those organisations managing such electronic platforms were able to easily transfer operations from office to home and still able to provide the quality services as trusted third parties. These electronic platforms are emerging from the crisis, stronger and are considered even more critical by a wider range of stakeholders who are dependent on their digitalisation expertise of the supply chain. IPCSA considers some key impacts and lessons learned from COVID-19.

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