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Robert.Jervis_43227 Apr 07

Port automation tools for checking WiFi networks

Port automation tools for checking WiFi networks image
Black spot checker tool
The ITS Port Automation team have just added a new utility tool to their container handling equipment mobile applications. The new tool, a “WiFi blackspot checker” provides the terminal with a quick and easy way to check the site wide wireless network coverage without undertaking a specific survey.

Richard Lambert, Managing Director, said:

“The black spot checker tool was developed to assist our customers identify issues with their wireless network and provide them with key performance data, including maps, to help them pin point and resolve any problems.

“The ITS Port Automation mobile systems are installed on container and general port handling equipment providing many functions. These include operator security and safety, equipment monitoring and tracking, automated work instruction displays with job stepping, and connections to most major Terminal Operating Systems (TOS).

“The WiFi blackspot checker runs in the background every time the equipment is used. It logs locations where the WiFi coverage is poor. In the normal course of the operation with many items of equipment travelling around the terminal, it doesn’t take long to build up a data set to show where the issues with coverage are and how extensive they may be. The new tool includes a configurable mapping facility, which allows various views and filters. For example, normal transitions between access points during site roaming can be filtered out.

“We are pleased to be able to provide these useful tools as part of our standard systems. Helping our customers identify threats to their business and providing the tools to eliminate them gives real value to our customers’ businesses.”