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ONE & Daikin pair up to move Avocados

ONE & Daikin pair up to move Avocados image

Global carrier Ocean Network Express has supported growers in New Zealand and Peru on long-haul exports of avocados and mangoes to Asia with its COOLXtend CA+ reefer container solution using Daikin Active Controlled Atmosphere technology

In the first of two new programmes, ONE worked with New Zealand avocado grower Avanza on CA reefer container exports of its premium Hass avocados for the full season running from September 2018 to January 2019. The avocado shipments have been loaded out of the Port of Tauranga, New Zealand primarily bound for Japan and Korea. The development follows an initial Proof of Concept trial of the Daikin Active CA technology by Avanza in December 2017, which successfully met expectations for low oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) settings that resulted in optimal quality at destination.  

In the second new development, ONE has completed its first successful shipments of fresh mangoes from Peru to Korea using its COOLXtend CA+ solution. Similar to the New Zealand avocado exports, COOLXtend CA+ has enabled the valuable fresh mangoes to be transported by sea over very long distances by altering the atmosphere inside the container to put the produce ‘to sleep’ and ensure quality is maintained during a sea transit of more than 8,000 nautical miles.

Formed in July 2017 by the merger of Japanese carriers NYK, MOL and K Line, ONE is now the world’s 6th largest container shipping line, operating more than 240 vessels with approximately 1.5 million TEU capacity. In keeping with the focus of its founding members, ONE has a major commitment to the transport of perishables and is one of the top three reefer container operators worldwide, with a substantial investment in controlled atmosphere. Last year, ONE purchased 14,000 new reefer containers with cutting edge technology and officially launched its COOLvantage reefer solutions at the Asia Fruit Logistica show in Hong Kong during September, including COOLXtend CA + for fast, continuous and precise atmosphere control.

By adjusting the mix of atmospheric gases inside the container – principally by reducing O2 and CO2 and increasing nitrogen - CA slows down the ageing process for fresh produce during transit. This allows a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables to be transported in better condition for longer periods of time, extending shelf life and enabling producers to reach export markets in a cost and environmentally effective way by sea rather than air. 

Daikin’s CA solution is based on technology developed for demanding medical applications plus vacuum pressure swing adsorption (VPSA), an active atmosphere separation technology that can quickly create the optimal controlled atmosphere. VPSA uses the mineral adsorbent zeolite to capture a large quantity of nitrogen from ‘everyday air’ and transfer it into the reefer container. By continuously generating the correct atmosphere mix for different cargoes from ambient air, Daikin Active CA offers a natural solution that also contributes to the drive for green solutions to support global food trade.

Steve Trickett, Marketing & Communications Manager of avocado shipper Avanza, said:

“Controlled atmosphere reefer technology is essential to our business as avocados are a high respiring cargo and need precise optimal atmosphere levels throughout transit to safeguard quality over long distances. While further analysis, trialling and refinements to our prescribed CA regime requirements may be required, we have been encouraged by the outcomes so far.”

“Asian demand for imported fresh produce including ‘superfoods’ such as avocados and berries continues to increase as consumers seek quality produce that can aid their health and wellbeing,”  said Mr. Bharadwaj Bhuyan, Senior Manager, Global Refrigerated Business Planning department of ONE. “We are delighted to support producers around the world to tap into these growth markets with the most advanced, efficient and environmentally friendly technology for long distance ocean transport of sensitive fresh produce.”

Daikin Reefer’s General Manager, Global Marketing and Service, Reefer Container Department Ah Huat Goh added:

“Daikin’s Active CA represents a new and innovative approach to cargo care, providing both shippers and shipping lines with a chance to deliver new services and added value to their customers. For produce such as avocadoes and mango, food scientists and growers alike understand the benefits of consistently low oxygen and low carbon dioxide during transit. With its CA pump continuously generating positive pressure inside the container, Daikin’s Active CA system can reliably maintain low O2 and CO2 levels. Daikin is delighted to work with ONE to support its advanced CA programme."