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ONE breaks world record for cargo stowage

ONE breaks world record for cargo stowage image

ONE carried over 19,100 TEU aboard MOL Tribute by using Navis' StowMan

Ocean Network Express (ONE) has broken the last reported world record for the largest amount of cargo ever stowed – carrying over 19,100 TEU aboard MOL Tribute.

Navis made the announcement – and explained that by utilising Navis’ StowMan vessel stowage planning software to optimise the ship, the record load surpasses the record previously announced by Maersk at 19,038 TEU, achieved in August 2018.

MOL Tribute, with a total capacity of 20,146 TEU, achieved the new record on 11 February. Prior to the latest achievement, ONE completed two additional record stows aboard MOL Trust and MOL Tradition in its last two calls at PSA Singapore.

“As vessel sizes increase, so too do the complexities associated with safe and effective stowage planning,” said ONE general manager global vessel operations Capt Kunihiko Nishimura.

“With the help of Navis and PSA Singapore, we were able to accomplish a tremendous feat – not only planning, but successfully executing a vessel call with more than 19,100 containers on board. It is truly remarkable and we will continue to innovate and leverage the best possible technology to further advance our performance to better serve our customers.”

ONE partnered with Navis for its expertise in vessel stowage planning – leveraging its StowMan solution on a vessel also equipped with the MACS3 loading computer for the most recent voyage.

Navis said in a statement that “the benefit of combining the two technologies is twofold as StowMan shows the same results in terms of stability and strength as MACS3, supporting more efficient planning.” With Navis’ help, ONE was able to optimise the cargo load based on accurate vessel profile information, resulting in higher utilisation, fewer restows and better user engagement.

Navis said it plans to expand these results to other terminals and look beyond to advance collaboration between the planners and terminals so that all parties are better aligned.

Navis chief customer officer Bruce Jacquemard said:

“An efficient stowage plan is one of the most important factors in saving the transportation cost of shipping companies and getting vessels to their next port of call in a timely manner. The record-breaking load by ONE is a great demonstration of what can be achieved when the right pieces are in the right place at the right time.”

Source: Container Shipping & Trade