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Next webinar from Multimodal Connect

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16th September: Overcoming the supply chain challenges and successfully managing post transition trade
The next Multimodal Connect event is scheduled for 16th September at 11am, in this session we will reveal how ready UK businesses are for Brexit, what are the most significant challenges to efficient and cost effective supply chain operations and what steps are being taken by companies to mitigate any risks and manage trade with the EU post the Brexit transition period. Using feedback from UK businesses to gain an insight into:
  • The expectations and concerns around the impact of Brexit.
  • The preparedness of UK firms for Brexit.
  • The disruption to Brexit planning due to COVID-19.
  • The steps being taken to prepare for the impact of Brexit on supply chains
With speakers:
ALISDAIR GARBETT, UK Customs & Excise Manager, Barcardi UK Operations Centre
MARTIN MEACOCK, Director, Product Management , Descartes Systems UK
BERNARD O'CONNOR, Partner, Strong and Herd LLP
TIM O'MAHONEY, Shipping Network Manager, The GBA Group
POL SWEENEY, VP, Sales & Business Manager, Descartes Systems UK

Timings: 11.00am -12.00 noon BST, plus Q+A and networking

Multimodal Connect presents digital events direct-to-desk with the impressive added benefit of allowing participants to connect and network prior to the live webinar.  Added functionality also includes the ability to ask questions, chat and 1-2-1 video network during the live session.

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