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Robert.Jervis_43227 Jun 26

New Irish rail freight service for XPO

New Irish rail freight service for XPO image
XPO working with Iarnród Éireann
Top ten global logistics company XPO is planning to commence a new rail freight service between Ballina in the West of Ireland and Belview Port in Waterford, from where it will link up with shipping services to mainland Europe.
The principal client for the new service will be Ballina Beverages, a company that XPO has had a business relationship with for some time. The new service will provide a sustainable multimodal alternative to road haulage for transporting the soft drinks concentrate by rail and sea to Rotterdam and onwards from there to world-wide destinations. The company is keen to continue its global eco-friendly logistics programme and sees rail freight as an eco-friendly option. XPO has been working with Iarnród Éireann, the national rail operator, to set up the new service and a trial train was operated over the route in early March this year. This transported a number of reefer containers on it through to Rotterdam and onwards to European destinations. A further inbound trial is also to take place shortly.  
This new rail service is expected to be up and running as soon as Q4 of 2020. In addition to the anchor customer, XPO expects to have capacity on the trains and ship for manufacturers and other customers based in the West of Ireland who wish to import or export their commodities over to Europe. With Ballina being the present terminal, XPO will also be looking in time to set up other loading depots along the route of the trains to suit customer needs. XPO presented its visions for the service at the Irish Exporters Association Western Council Roundtable Webinar. They are keen to help their customers lower their carbon footprint with rail having the potential to reduce emissions by up to 75%. In addition to lowering the number of trucks on busy roads, use of rail also alleviates the present shortage of HGV drivers
Source: Tim Casterton