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Robert.Jervis_43227 Jan 24

New contract for Freightliner

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Freightliner has announced that it has signed a key new contract with FSEW, a leading international intermodal freight forwarder, to secure additional capacity on their regular container rail services

FSEW has been working with Freightliner since 2006 to offer its customers a quick, efficient, environmentally sound freight option. The service has proved so popular over the last 12 years that, as well as increasing its capacity on the Cardiff-Southampton route, FSEW is also able to offer customers rail freight services to Birmingham and Daventry.

FSEW is able to transport freight by rail straight out of Southampton port, into and out of South Wales, providing a more efficient service.

This latest agreement will make FSEW Freightliner’s single largest contracted user on the Southampton to Cardiff route hauling on average 800 containers a month.

Geoff Tomlinson, Managing Director of FSEW said:

“With the potential delays on the M4 relief road, there is no better time for companies to consider rail freight as an option. As a result of this agreement with Freightliner, FSEW is already seeing an increase in business and enquiries as manufacturers and importers experience significant delivery delays with their current transport providers.”

Adam Cunliffe, CCO of G&W’s UK/Europe Region companies, said:

“We’ve worked closely with Geoff and FSEW for over a decade and in that time have built up a strong, mutually beneficial working relationship. Hauliers and freight forwarders are increasingly seeing the value of offering their clients a rail alternative, and FSEW and Freightliner have been at the forefront of making that a viable option.”