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Robert.Jervis_43227 Oct 12

New ‘Brexit-busting’ route between UK & Morocco

The service will cut journey time to fewer than three days, compared to the six days required previously
Cargo made up of primarily fruit and vegetables is due to arrive in Poole shortly. The service sailed from Tanger Med in northern Morocco.
The service, operated by United Seaways, is expected to ease supply chain disruptions related to Brexit.
Ships will run once every week and will mostly contain ambient and perishable freight, with the first shipment including 100 boxes of organic seasonal fruit and vegetables.
Until now, maritime trade between the two countries took place via two crossings, a shipping route from the UK to Spain followed by a journey from Spain to Morocco.
Nigel Jenney, CEO of the Fresh Produce Consortium, explained that “the route offers a rapid service and avoids the additional tariff complications of trading via the EU since the beginning of the year.”
“At this challenging time, it's a very welcome alternative to the increasing complexity of trading with Europe.”
Compared with more than six days to travel via road, the Tangier-Poole link reduces the journey time to less than three days.
According to Poole Harbour Commissioners, the route will “help bypass post-Brexit traffic congestion and additional import procedures on goods arriving via Europe.”
The Port of Poole says the route has been undergoing plans for over two years and will help avoid post-Brexit traffic and import procedures. It will also significantly reduce emissions.
Brian Murphy, director of marine and port operations at Poole Harbour Commissioners, said:

“The Port of Poole has been working closely with United Seaways to get this ‘Brexit Buster’ service up and running. The service will provide a greener and more time-efficient option for importers and exporters from both kingdoms and we look forward to receiving the first shipment from Tangier shortly.”
In addition to road haulage, door-to-door service, customs clearance, and warehousing, United Seaways will offer full logistics solutions.
Efforts are also underway to switch from a pure Ro-Ro service to a RoPax service for accompanied freight