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Robert.Jervis_43227 Dec 05

More cranes for Liverpool

More cranes for Liverpool image
ZPMC supplies again
A delivery of three ‘megamax’ quayside cranes from China destined for the Liverpool2 container terminal in UK has just been completed. These cranes are part the second phase of the terminal project to provide additional capacity for growing volumes of cargo. In the port of Liverpool, quayside and landside throughput saw a remarkable growth of 12% in October.

The cranes arrived on the ZH25 transporter vessel and are now alongside the berth at the south of the Liverpool2 terminal ready for offloading. They originally set off from Shanghai on 15 September passing south-east Asia, India, the Arabian Peninsula and Africa via the Cape of Good Hope en route to Liverpool in a journey of over 30,000 km.

The super-structures were produced by the Chinese company, Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co (ZPMC). A total of eight ship-to-shore megamax cranes and 22 cantilever rail-mounted gantry cranes are being supplied to Peel Ports

Source: ITJ