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Luke Braddow joins Baxter Freight as UK Operations Manager

Luke Braddow joins Baxter Freight as UK Operations Manager  image
“Our aim to deliver the best customer service in logistics”
Baxter Freight has appointed Luke Braddow as its new UK Operations Manager. Luke’s new role involves working with Baxter Freight’s extensive network of long-term partners and suppliers for the UK and Ireland.

Starting a new job in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic poses challenges for employee and employer alike, but both Luke and Baxter Freight have taken it in their stride.

As the business continues to operate off-site, the entire Baxter Freight team has adapted well and embraced remote working in order to remain open and operational during the UK lockdown. As well as being able to continue serving their customers, Baxter Freight’s off-site mobilisation means that ‘business as usual’ can indeed continue, which includes welcoming new team members like Luke.

With the help of video conferencing tools in particular, Luke has been able to see and speak all his new colleagues, making for a comprehensive and smooth induction into the business. He’s also been able to join in the company’s after-work virtual socials to have the opportunity to mix and mingle with the wider team.

Where one-to-one training or support has been needed, directors and members of his team have met with Luke in the Nottingham office, abiding by social distancing rules which have been made easier by the empty office.

When asked how it’s been starting a new job in the middle of a pandemic, Luke said: “It’s certainly been different. Coming into the office and seeing it empty was strange.

“I know from when I visited before, the office was a hive of activity. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing the office full again and being part of the team. However, nothing has held us back so far. I’m settling into my new role well, understanding what I’ll be getting involved in daily and already outlining some new projects."

As a non-asset-based logistics business, Baxter Freight use their experience and extensive supplier network to provide customers with the most suitable transport solution. With no service out of reach – from express vans and part/full loads, to specialist equipment such as Hiabs and Moffett trailers, they partner with hauliers of all types, from all around the world, to offer a truly tailored service.

Over the next few weeks, Luke will be spending time getting to know Baxter Freight’s UK supplier network to optimise the work they do together. Luke brings with him over a decade of freight and transport experience and has in depth knowledge of moving lots of different types of freight around the UK.

Reporting to Director, Head of Operations, Jari Rasmussen, Jari is pleased to welcome Luke to the management team at Baxter Freight:

“Luke joining the team is a great opportunity to continue driving forward our aim to deliver the best customer service in logistics. To do this we know we must have the best team in place and partner with the best suppliers.

“Looking forward, Luke will be hugely influential in helping us to strengthen our relationships with our suppliers, new and existing. It’s important that all parts of the logistics sector collaborate and work together where possible to ensure we come out of the Covid-19 situation strong.

“At such a time when many companies may be hesitant in taking on new members of staff, Luke’s previous experience has undoubtedly helped towards his remote on-boarding, but we can certainly see that it can be done– and done well.

“We look forward to see what the future has in store for Luke whilst working with us at Baxter Freight.”