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Robert.Jervis_43227 Dec 14

Ligentia acquires

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Ligentia Group has purchased the business and assets of Air & Cargo Services Ltd. As a result of the deal, Ligentia will be providing a home to Air & Cargo Services’ customer base, whilst also welcoming on board their employees

The purchase substantially increases Ligentia’s UK footprint and strengthens its freight forwarding proposition by expanding its  global network to 70+ offices, employing 450+ staff and generating annual revenues of £160m in 2019.

Ligentia’s 25 year heritage and strong international network of customers, delivery partners and suppliers means that it is able to offer stable, reliable and immediate support to new customers by ensuring continuity of service during this busy time, without impacting any work in progress in support of its existing customer base.

The deal unites the knowledge and expertise of a 450-strong global colleague community who will work together to deliver outstanding service underpinned by smart technology.

Dan Gill, Chief Customer Officer and MD for Europe explains:

“We are delighted to be able to provide a home to both the people and the customers previously associated with Air & Cargo Services. We believe our teams are stronger together and the integration is enabling us to fast-track the launch of a new and unbeatable proposition called ‘Ligentia Plus’ to the freight forwarding market.”