Kammac has announced a partnership with Kegspertise Logistics, providing a sixth location for its brewing industry services, based at Kammac’s Warrington facility.

With a decade of expertise in haulage and logistics, Kegspertise has garnered widespread recognition among major breweries in the UK.

Working on behalf of KegWatch — an organisation which manages redundant kegs, casks, and dispense gas cylinders — Kegspertise Logistics ensures the efficient movement of goods across a network of 2,000 breweries, pubs, and bars nationwide.

Operating across five sites in the UK, Kegspertise embarked upon a search for a strategic storage location in the North West in the autumn. It identified Kammac as the ideal partner. Consequently, Kegspertise chose Kammac’s Warrington facility, in Cheshire, for its prime location, transport links, storage space, and floor capacity.

“Collaborating with Kammac and utilising their Warrington site meets our growing logistics needs by providing an ideal distribution location close to major road networks in the North West,” said Andy Dorr, Managing Director of Kegspertise Logistics Ltd.

The unique nature of thie collaboration is highlighted by Kammac’s dual role as both operator on the site and a lessor of space to companies like Kegspertise. The integration has gone smoothly.

“We are thrilled to embark on this journey with Kegspertise, as its warehouse partner of choice in the North West,” said Ged Carabini, chief commercial officer at Kammac.

“Its unparalleled reputation in the brewing industry makes this partnership a significant milestone for Kammac, enabling us to further strengthen our standing in the market.”

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