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Howard Tenens receives fourth RoSPA Gold Award

Howard Tenens receives fourth RoSPA Gold Award image
“Now more than ever there is a major focus on the health and wellbeing of employees across the UK”
Howard Tenens has received a Gold RoSPA award for the fourth consecutive year.

RoSPA, the UK’s leading safety organisation, has awarded Howard Tenens with a Gold RoSPA award, internationally recognised as the most sought-after accolade within the Health and Safety industry. The award was achieved as a result of the progress Howard Tenens has made in respect to improving Health and Safety across the Group.

Julia Small, RoSPA’s head of qualifications, awards and events, said:

“The RoSPA Awards scheme is the longest-running of its kind in the UK, but it receives entries from organisations around the world, making it one of the most sought-after global accolades in health and safety. RoSPA wants every employee, wherever they are, to work safe in the knowledge that they will be going home unharmed and healthy at the end of every day.”

Chris Coulson, National HSEQ Manager at Howard Tenens has been working towards retaining the Gold RoSPA standard since winning the first award in 2017. Following the news of the award retention Chris commented:

“Another great result for Tenens for the fourth year running.  Lots of hard work, dedication and commitment by our depots Health and Safety Co-Ordinators, helping to reduce risk and improve the overall safety and health of our staff, customers and visitors.  It’s great to see our continued hard work paying off year on year, keeping our staff safe at work whilst continuing to deliver mutual value and first-class service to our customers.”

To achieve the award, the family run business had to provide detailed evidence of procedures and practices in place across the Howard Tenens Group which includes 20 different locations and 200+ vehicles covering the UK.

Karl Hodgkinson Managing Director at Howard Tenens went on to say:

“This is a fantastic result for Howard Tenens and welcome news during these difficult times for all. Now more than ever there is a major focus on the health and wellbeing of employees across the UK and the responsiveness I have seen across our business is truly remarkable. Achieving the RoSPA Gold Standard again demonstrates the importance of safety and service that permeates Howard Tenens, this is an excellent result, and really rewards the efforts of all our colleagues.”