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Robert.Jervis_43227 Apr 12

GXO to fulfill ecommerce orders for Majestic Wine

“We’re already seeing the benefits of higher accuracy and productivity”
Eight-warehouse campus in West Hallam, England, to handle all retail and ecommerce orders from UK and Ireland
GXO Logistics has announced that it will handle logistics for the nationwide ecommerce of Majestic Wine, the UK’s largest specialist wine retailer.
“We’re excited to add the ecommerce channel to our existing retail supply chain solution for Majestic Wine,” said Gavin Williams, GXO Managing Director, UK and Ireland.

“We’re using our logistics expertise to efficiently support both consumer channels as well as Majestic Wine’s mission to help its customers discover more wines, beers and spirits that they’ll love.”
As part of its service for Majestic, GXO personalises orders — for example, printing a bespoke holiday message on a decorative card that accompanies the order. Majestic Wine has contracted for 68,000 square feet of dedicated warehouse space in GXO’s eight-building campus in West Hallam, England, where GXO processes all the wine retailer’s ecommerce orders from the UK and Ireland.
“We began working with GXO just before the peak season in 2021 and were very happy with their performance,” said Sue Roberts, Supply Chain Director for Majestic Wine.

“We didn’t start working with GXO on our ecommerce channel until earlier this year, but we’re already seeing the benefits of higher accuracy and productivity, which translates to higher consumer satisfaction.”
Majestic expects daily ecommerce orders to increase significantly ahead of the Easter holiday and again around the holiday season in December