The British International Freight Association (BIFA) is set to deliver key insight into forthcoming customs and frontier changes at the forthcoming Multimodal Exhibition and Conference.

Director general, Steve Parker, together with policy and compliance director, Robert Windsor, will deliver a keynote address into the customs and frontier changes that have been implemented, are in the process of being implemented, or are under consideration by UK government, many as a consequence of the 2016 EU exit referendum.

During their session, which starts at 15:00 on Wednesday 14 June in the I0E&IT conference theatre, Parker and Windsor will examine efforts to reduce the burden of controls faced by UK traders conducting trade with the rest of the world to offset the increased bureaucracy faced when trading with the EU.

They will consider the opportunities (and challenges) that all the changes bring and examine whether these ideas are fully developed and how might they impact current and future frontier and Customs activities.

Parker says:

“With the consultation period on the proposed new rules for importing goods to the UK –from the EU and the rest of the world having recently ended, exploring the details of some of the new rules and examining what they will mean for traders around the world, is very timely.

“The Border Target Operating Model (TOM) has an impact across multiple sectors, not just the freight forwarding companies that form the trade association’s membership; but all parts of industry - importers and exporters, wholesalers, distributors, hauliers, and port operators.”

“So, I would encourage visitors to attend our presentation during which we will address the issues connected to the Border Target Operating Model, the Single Trade Window, the Customs Declaration System, the Import Control System (2), and the fifth release of NCTS, plus many more.

“That’s a lot to cover in a short space of time, but they are all important developments and all need to be understood and embraced.”

BIFA is exhibiting at Multimodal 2023 on stand 2060

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