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Robert.Jervis_43227 Mar 29

Exporta introduces a new plastic pallet eco-rating system

Exporta introduces a new plastic pallet eco-rating system
“Contributes to reducing plastic waste”
Exporta has introduced a new plastic pallet eco-rating system. This system allows customers to purchase a pallet with full visibility of its environmental impact.
The ECO MAX pallet is the most sustainable choice within this rating system as it can be repaired as well as recycled. The intention here is to improve the longevity and life-span of these pallets. It will also reduce plastic waste in the manufacturing process, as the need for virgin plastic is eradicated through the use of a recycling scheme.


A commitment to sustainability and a more comprehensive environmental outlook is always present in Exporta's day-to-day activities and within the product ranges available. The business has once again achieved ISO14001 certification. The ISO140001 standard ensures organisations manage their environmental responsibilities. This allows Exporta to improve, and maintain, an environmental management system that conforms with an established environmental policy.

Exporta's Plastic Recycling Scheme

Plastic waste is a huge global issue and Exporta know that being an environmentally friendly supplier is essential. Their recycling scheme started as a result of customer feedback. It was a point universally raised by companies who wanted to know how they could recycle their old products. Exporta value and support this feedback and introduced a workable scheme that is free to use. They teamed up with Plastic Expert to offer free recycling to their customers across different plastic ranges i.e. pallets, plastic containers, boxes and crates. This FREE collection service and recycling scheme is open to all customers to dispose of plastic products at the end of their usable life.

Dale Paterson, Managing Director at Exporta, said:

“This is a solid initiative that not only helps our customers but also contributes to reducing plastic waste. A recent survey of our customers showed a 92% satisfaction score, which we aim to improve further by introducing services like this one.”

Ryan Knight, Sales Director at Plastic Expert, added:

“We are really pleased to be able to support Exporta and their customers with this plastic recycling scheme, and look forward to helping them make a difference for many years to come.”