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Robert.Jervis_43227 Apr 21

Emma Systems E-Doc cloud platform is now available for the UK market

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Enables post-declaration customs compliance and HMRC audit readiness
With Emma E-Doc, companies in the UK now have a broker-neutral digital platform to gather, manage, and automate the growing flow of customs documents. Emma E-Doc is a product by Emma Systems that is already being used successfully by 2,600 companies across Europe. By establishing Emma Systems UK Ltd, led by Mark Bellamy, VP of Sales, and Mark Jamieson, VP of Operations, the product is now also available in the UK.

Mark Bellamy commented:

"Emma E-Doc helps importing and exporting companies efficiently manage customs documents and supporting documentation”
With Emma E-Doc, both global and domestic companies operating in the United Kingdom no longer waste valuable time searching for customs documentation on computers, in email boxes, in binders or in archive folders. They simply identify immediately which declarations have been processed, without having to call or email freight forwarders or customs agents.
With the introduction of Emma E-Doc in the UK, Emma Systems responds to the growing number of import and export shipments. Particularly due to Brexit and the explosion in cross-border e-commerce shipments, the number of customs declarations is rapidly increasing.

"This also increases the administrative workload within importing and exporting companies. Every day, thousands of people are busy manually requesting and storing customs documents from freight forwarders and customs agents. Emma E-Doc offers them a tool to fully automate this process", explains Carsten Amtrup, Head of International Business at Emma Systems.
Mark Bellamy and Mark Jamieson bring with them substantial experience and knowledge from logistics and supply chain management. They know of the challenges importing and exporting companies are facing.

"Often traders work with multiple forwarders and multiple customs agents in different countries. I know how much time and energy it takes to verify that the customs declarations are done correctly by all those parties. This even applies to the customs declarations that companies make themselves. They don't know about the existence of a tool like Emma E-Doc, with which they can manage and monitor the complete document flow”, Mark Jamieson says. 
The problems come to light particularly during internal or external audits by, for example, HMRC.

"In this age of digitalisation, more and more authorities are switching to horizontal monitoring, including customs. This requires a single platform on which all customs documents are grouped in an orderly fashion, easily searchable and quickly accessible. Companies that don't have this in place have to let go of everything during an audit to search in computers and archives for missing documents. Time and again, documents turn out to be impossible to find, for example, because they were stored in the mailboxes of departed employees", he continues. 

Mark Bellamy has full confidence in Emma E-Doc and Emma Systems.

"We looked around a lot, but there is no comparable platform like Emma E-Doc anywhere. Some companies use conventional archiving systems, but these lack the functionality importing and exporting companies need. This is the functionality to check if the right tariff numbers and the right values are included in the customs declarations, for example. Or statistics and reports that provide insight into the status of and trends in customs declarations. In other words: Emma E-Doc generates valuable information from the flow of customs documents” he says. 

Emma Systems is a Norwegian software company specializing in customs software. Their portfolio includes software for Customs management and freight forwarding in the Nordic countries, as well as their digital customs archive software Emma E-Doc available across Europe. 
Emma E-Doc is the market's leading digital customs archive and compliance platform for importers and exporters across all industries and segments, successfully deployed to 2,600+ companies across Europe.  

Emma Systems is exhibiting at Multimodal on stand 3015