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Robert.Jervis_43227 Dec 04

Eddie Stobart cements partnership with Tarmac

Eddie Stobart cements partnership with Tarmac image

Eddie Stobart has been awarded a five-year contract by building materials company Tarmac

The new contract, which began at the beginning of December, will enable Tarmac to restructure its Cement and Lime business from a national to a regional transport setup for cement hauliers.

Tony Leighton, Sector Director at Eddie Stobart said:

“We’re delighted to support Tarmac in its efforts to restructure its distribution and supply chain model to offer a flexible service for customers. We’re proud to be selected as a trusted partner through this process and the contract further underlines our commitment and experience in the manufacturing, industrial and bulk sector.”

Tarmac will use Eddie Stobart’s fleet to help distribute bulk and packed cement to customers in the South East of England. The new regional model will be rolled out with support from Eddie Stobart and will help Tarmac to provide “a localised service with enhanced resilience, flexibility, service, cost and safety for its customers”.

Terry Scott, National Logistics Manager at Tarmac, said:

"Our supply chain and logistics operations are crucial to maintaining Tarmac Cement and Lime’s position as the UK’s market leader. Our new regional model and strengthened network capability means we’re able to offer a better, more flexible service to meet customer requirements and we’re delighted to be working with Eddie Stobart and our other regional distribution partners going forwards.”

The partners are:-

  • Abbey Logistics (bulk cement - Scotland)
  • Pollocks (packed cement - Scotland & North)
  • Lomas Distribution (bulk and packed cement - central)
  • Wincanton (bulk and packed cement - South West)
  • Eddie Stobart (bulk and packed cement - South East)
  • Proctors Transport (packed cement - Barnstone plant)