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Robert.Jervis_43227 Jan 21

DP World launches CARGOES Customs

dp world
A single window digital solution for border authorities
DP World has announced the launch of its new digital compliance and revenue platform, CARGOES Customs. The platform facilitates completely paperless trade easing the flow of the customs process using innovative technology solutions, including an Artificial Intelligence driven risk engine and smart valuation. Its classification wizard, based on machine learning, vastly reduces classification issues.

CARGOES Customs provides an intelligence-enabled, unified customs operating model that optimizes border management and revenue collection activities. The system empowers customs agencies to facilitate trade, secure global supply chains, and increase compliance. At the same time, it minimizes revenue leakage for government agencies. The platform is built to assist global customs organizations in reforming and modernising processes by streamlining digital transformation through the latest technology and tools. It is another step DP World have taken in improving terminal efficiency.

The CARGOES Customs platform is based on the belief that with technology as a foundation, any customs organization can vastly improve its digital capabilities and better integrate with key agencies and other countries, while also satisfying any regional agreements. The CARGOES Customs system is enhanced by its risk engine which detects revenue leakages. This technology improves visibility and traceability, and is based on WCO best practices, thereby optimising the customs clearance process. As an intelligent risk engine, it helps enforce compliance and promotes seamless collaboration between authorities, government departments and stakeholders.

Pradeep Desai, Chief Technology Officer, DP World stated:

“Demand for digital solutions has never been higher and will only keep growing. We are leveraging technology to create value for our customers and help drive growth. CARGOES Customs by DP World is part of the broader CARGOES software suite of products…”

It offers a single window interface, and is highly configurable and uses a template-based design which means customs organizations can update or roll-out new services at the click of a button. It supports all file formats commonly used in customs, and is WCO, WTO and SAFE framework compliant.

Source: Transport Intelligence