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Robert.Jervis_43227 Oct 23

Dover sponsors Multimodal Connect Brexit webinar

Port of Dover & Port of Dover Cargo Ltd co-sponsors
The Port of Dover & Port of Dover Cargo Ltd have confirmed their co-sponsorship of the next Multimodal Connect webinar: Brexit - The Tactics: Quick wins, tricks of the trade & mitigation. 

They will be represented on the panel by the Chief Commercial Officer of the Port - Barbara Buczek.

Other exper panellists include Peter Ward, CEO, UKWA, Andrew Baxter, CEO, Europa Freight, Ken Russell, Director, Russell Logistics and Chairman, RFG, Martin Meacock, Director Product Management, Customs Europe, Descartes & Nigel Jenney, CEO, Fresh Produce Consortium.

The Port of Dover is Europe's busiest ferry port, handling £119 billion of trade or 17% of the UKs trade in goods.

The Short Straits, which includes ferry links between Dover and Calais, as well as the Channel Tunnel, has a 60% market share of ‘British-Continental EU trade’. The Short Straits has achieved this market share because it is the right choice for business. The reason businesses choose the Short Straits is simple; it offers the most time efficient, cost effective and resilient access to international markets, delivering an estimated £3 billion saving for British businesses and consumers compared to alternative routes.

Dover Cargo Terminal is unrivalled in terms of its strategic location, efficiency and competitive pricing. It's a potent combination that makes the Port of Dover extremely popular with many of the leading European freight carriers, with our fantastic cross-Channel ferry links to the continent.

Currently, Dover Cargo Terminal has a flourishing trade in perishables freight with reefer container ships calling at Dover on a frequent basis. These bring in fresh produce from Central and South America