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Companies urged to get AEO ‘C’ and ‘S’ ready ahead of Brexit

Companies urged to get AEO ‘C’ and ‘S’ ready ahead of Brexit image

VARTAN consolidates 10% market share of AEO certifications

VARTAN Consultancy has consolidated its position as one of the UK’s leading risk management consultancies, working with clients including Peel Ports Group, London Gateway and Hutchison Ports.

Having assisted approximately 10% of all UK companies registered on the EU AEO database, VARTAN delivers consistently successful results when it comes to the World Customs Organisation (WCO) AEO certification.

Miles Vartan, director of his eponymously named company, says:

“Back in 2009 one of our earliest clients was WS Logistics.  We now work with at least 30 companies annually to ensure all necessary procedures and processes are in place, along with evidence of instructions being followed, prior to companies submitting an AEO.

Neil Bird, manager at VARTAN Consultancy, continues:

“With the country heading towards Brexit at the end of October, companies need to be looking to maximise all opportunities presented by a post-Brexit landscape. HMRC has already reduced the number of days within which they will process AEO applications from 120 to 90, and so if you feel that an AEO ‘C’ (Customs Simplifications) and or AEO ‘S’ (Safety and Security) certification is necessary for your business you need to be acting on it now.”

Successful accreditation brings a raft of benefits to the applicant, depending on the nature of their international trade operations and the type of AEO status they apply for. These include a reduced risk score with HMRC, fewer physical and document-based controls, reduced financial guarantees, prior notification in case of selection for customs control, and access to mutual recognition agreements.

“But,” says Miles, “the benefits don’t stop there.  All companies involved in the international supply chain today are expected to demonstrate the highest standards across all aspects of its operations by both the authorities and its business partners. AEO accreditation demonstrates this.”

Using its bespoke AEO application formula, an experienced VARTAN consultant project manages the process from the start to final certification and is present during the HMRC assessment days. 

Miles says:

“From experience, we know what an HMRC Officer expects to see and ensuring all information is readily accessible mitigates the risk of issues and the project potentially stalling.  We never recommend an application being made until we’re confident our client is ready for an AEO related HMRC visit.”

Miles adds:

“Both HMRC and Border Force are now actively encouraging businesses involved in international trade to consider applying for AEO. I have a feeling it may turn out to be a trump card once Brexit finally happens.”