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Robert.Jervis_43227 Jan 31

The CMA CGM Group is expanding in last-mile logistics with Colis Privé

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Intends to accelerate the development of Colis Privé at an international level
The CMA CGM Group has announced that it has entered into a preliminary agreement to acquire a 51% stake from the HOPPS Group in the Colis Privé Group, France’s leading player in deliveries to consumers. The agreement also gives CMA CGM the option of raising its interest in Colis Privé at a later date. 

Completion of the deal, which is contingent upon clearance from the competition authorities, with the final terms subject to consultation of the various relevant employee representative bodies, will strengthen the presence of CEVA Logistics, CMA CGM’s logistics subsidiary, in e-commerce services, especially last-mile deliveries. 

Colis Privé, a specialist in home and relay deliveries to consumers founded in 2012, has grown over the years to become a leading last-mile logistics player in France. Colis Privé has delivered more than 70 million parcels right across France via its network of nearly 110 regional branches. Colis Privé has also established a presence in Belgium, Luxembourg, and Morocco, and has announced the upcoming launch of its activities in the Netherlands.

Thanks to its expertise and its agile and innovative offering, Colis Privé now has a major customer portfolio consisting of more than 200 e-commerce companies, including international market leaders. 

The addition of Colis Privé will boost CEVA Logistics’ expertise and service offering in e-commerce, a booming business area, and in parcel deliveries to consumers thanks to the know-how of Colis Privé’s teams led by Jean-Philippe Bergougnoux, its CEO.

In addition, the CMA CGM Group intends to accelerate the development of Colis Privé, especially at the international level, by leveraging its global presence and its first-class technological and logistics expertise. As a result, Colis Privé will gain the benefit of CEVA Logistics’ expertise and network to expand both its business and its customer portfolios.

The CMA CGM Group is driving forward with its expansion into logistics to provide and develop end-to-end shipping and logistics solutions to support its customers’ supply chains. 

The Group recently announced the acquisition of Ingram Micro’s Commerce & Lifestyle Services (CLS) business1 to strengthen CEVA Logistics’ existing e-commerce operations and accelerate its development in key market segments, such as technology, retail and fashion. 

Rodolphe Saadé, Chairman and CEO of the CMA CGM Group, commented:

“The acquisition of a majority stake in Colis Privé is an important step in the development strategy of our logistics activities. This operation will enable us to offer end-to-end logistics solutions to our e-commerce customers for whom the last mile is a critical stage. By leveraging the global presence of our subsidiary CEVA Logistics, our ambition is to develop Colis Privé internationally, starting with Europe where the company is already established.”

Frédéric Pons and Eric Paumier, co-founders of Colis Privé, added:

“We are very pleased with the prospect of this operation with CMA CGM, a world leader in transport and logistics. It will enable Colis Privé to accelerate its development in France and internationally thanks to the synergies and complementarities with the activities of CEVA Logistics. We are particularly proud to build with CMA CGM, a logistics hub of excellence based in Marseille that contributes to the local economic influence worldwide.”